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Businessman Katumwa shares why Christians struggle financially

David Katumwa

By David Katumwa

There are many christians who desire financial freedom, but only a few are willing to sacrifice and adopt practices that can lead them to success.


Fear is good and bad depending on how you exploit it. Fear was designed in our brains to promote survival. When we go out to make money, what keeps many back is the fear to fail. Christians fear to kickstart projects because they are afraid of not being perfect. I had to overcome fear in business to get where I am today.

We are not the most intelligent people – some of you are more intelligent and smarter than us the billionaires – we are better than you in one aspect, and that is fighting fear. We are risk takers. We take calculated risks. You should learn how to fight fear.

“What if I start up a business and it fails, people will laugh at me. If I take this loan and fails to service it , they will take my security.”

You have to fight many of such excuses. What the enemy will always do is remind you of your failure. He sometimes works though our very own friends who talk us out of certain plans. They demoralise us and give us all reasons why we should not get our dream projects started.

Misinterpretation of bible verses

In the book Mathew Jesus tells us that ‘no man can serve two masters at a go’. You cannot serve money, at the same time serving God. You serve one of the two. This is true, but see it this way – who create man? God. And man created money. Why then do you have to serve money yet you are the one who created it.

It is money to serve you, and then you serve God. Every time you serve money, you cannot serve God. How do you know that someone is serving money? When one starts sacrificing for money.

Some of you stop going to church on Sunday to make money. This means you have become a slave to money. What many also forget that is that money is not eternal. It is here today, and tomorrow it is not. But God is eternal. That is why we must serve Him.

Scripture does not mention anywhere that anyone who has money will not go to heaven. But it condemns becoming slaves to money.

The two categories of believers

For many christians that are poor today, they belong to one of these two categories; one is of those who don’t have the slightest clue of how one gets rich, and the other is of those who know every road that can lead them to wealth creation but are afraid to meet the cost of being rich.

They are not willing to stand the pain, forego certain things, and work hard. We must clear away the negative mentality and assure believers that the lesser pain they partake for the greater gain. The pain is temporal. Becoming rich is like igniting an engine, you put in a lot of work to get the car started, but time comes when it on a clear take off. Business booms up too in this kind of manner.

I can still liken this is to plane taking off from the field. It meets a lot of resistance/opposing forces at take off, but once it is in the sky, it levels down on the force used. The every person who designed the aeroplane did it in such a way that the engine force had to be greater than the opposing force.

The same applies to you and me. God designed us in such a way that we have all the ability to fight off forces against our success. Much as a ship might be safe at its harbour, and the aeroplane at the air field, they were designed for the sea and air respectively. They do not profit the maker when they simply lay idle doing nothing.

God equipped us with whatever we need to success, but many brothers and sisters give in so easily to the opposing force. Many Christians think they are meant to work with our resistance. That is not true. You have to apply a force that is greater than that of our enemies. You have to be greater than your competitor.

You are not going to do business without competition, resistance and failure sometime. The wrong perception you many have today is that what ever business you want to stat some did it before and has better experience, wisdom, funding, exposure, connections. So you find many christians give all these reason why they cannot do something. Don’t listen to those lies. The Lord who created you will make a way where you see no way.

He made these remarks during ‘The Connexion’ at Bat Valley Theater. Mr Katumwa boasts of one of the biggest businesses in Kampala City, the Katumwa Sports Centre – and has multiple real estate projects. 

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