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How Mawa and Hawa are shaking up the 7 mountains

Bishop Godfrey Mawa, the president of Commission International Inc. and wife, Hawa. Courtesy photo.

Bishop Godfrey Mawa and his wife, Hawa have revealed that if Christians want to impact the nation for Jesus Christ, they will have to affect seven core areas of culture which many know as the ‘seven mountains of influence’.

The couple has developed what they have called a God-given, country-changing strategy. Mawa and Hawa believe that each of the seven mountains is significant in shaping and bringing Godly order and values into the country.

The couple invited hundreds of Christians at Bat Valley theatre in Kampala recently, to launch ‘The Connexion,’  whose primary goal is to be a catalyst, which will bring change to the areas of societal influence: Religion, Family, Education, Government, Media, Arts & Entertainment and Economy.

The event was headlined by seven (7) renown Christian figures who were labelled as having impacted the 7 mountains: Mr Tim Sabiiti, the CEO of Spirit 96.6 FM (Media), Mr David Katumwa, CEO Katumwa Sports Centre and an investor in construction and real estate (Economy), Mr Pablo Kimuli, CEO of Pablo Love show (Arts & Entertainment), Ms Christine Ssegawa from the Office of the President (Family), Rev Robert Kasaija, the senior Pastor of Redeemed Evangelistic Church (Religion), Mr Joses Tegyeza, the Director, planning and development, Kyambogo University (Education) and Mr Sam Lyomoki (Governance).

In his speech, the co-ordinator of the event, Mr James Kisale, who is also assistant commissioner in charge of enforcement at URA said that once a Christian is in any of the mentioned spheres, “and you play your role that God has called you to play, and you begin to connect with like minded people, you begin to cause a transformation.”

“Each sphere is not independent of other because collectively, they make us as a nation. They are all critical on the transformation of society,” he said.

“No nation can survive without the media. The media either promotes you or demotes you. Nations are great, because of the way they manage the media, and communication at large,” he added.

Mr Kisale noted that their is uncertainty in Uganda’s media mountain partly because the men and women who are in that sector “don’t understand the power of that sector and how it contributes to nation development.”

On Arts and Entertainment, Mr Kisale said believers can deploy the talent that God has given them to create change.

“Nations are as strong, as their families. That is why it matters how we build strong families. Societies degenerate when individual families do not have the values that they should hold on to,” he said.

“Most times, we have failed to make impact where we are because we do not understand that each of us are positioned or deployed in order to influence that sector,” he added.

Mr Sabiiti while addressing the congregation said Media is influencing the nation and cautioned listeners on the kind of media they consume.

“Every media platform will always have its agenda. As Christians you should connect and consume the right media. Media being a mountain, it has the power to influence and shift this nation,” he said.

Bishop Mawa in his speech expressed delight over the huge attendance, and announced that ‘The Connexion’ will be help weekly at Bat Valley theatre at no charge.

“The connexion is not a church, but a platform for all Christians,” he said.

Bishop Mawa urged Christians not be content with “warming the church pews” and simply attending church day after day without getting involved in matters that impact society. “It is time to pour out what we have learnt in Church to the world,” he said.

He noted that The connexion will extensively address principles on finance often ignored in churches.

By Paul W Dennis.

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