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ZOE Fellowship Ministries in court to overturn IGG-ordered eviction

Renowned Prophet, Elvis Mbonye, of the Zoe fellowship. Photo Source – Facebook.

ZOE Fellowship Ministries founder, Prophet Elvis Mbonye has asked the High Court to overturn the decision made by The Inspector General of Government (IGG), Irene Mulyagonja Kakooza who directed the National Council of Sports (NCS) to suspend their contract with the Ministries for the use of Lugogo Cricket Oval.

UG Christian News has learnt that the Ministries chairperson, Mr Ronald Akankwasa in his affidavit said that they learnt about the termination through media outlets, and are now seeking a temporary injunction until their main case is heard.

Mr Ronald Akankwasa said that according to the two year tenancy agreement signed with NCS, their contract had to only to be terminated after a breach and a one month ultimatum notice had to be given by NCS but non of this has taken place.

On the 5th of June this year, the Inspector General of Government in a letter copied to the first lady and minister of Education and Sports Janet Kataaha Museveni and the state minister for Sports, Charles Bakkabulindi, directed NCS to cancel the contract to allow a full investigation into the legality of the said tenancy contract and how the Uganda cricket Association uses the ground.

“It was specifically alleged that the Lugogo Cricket Oval was irregularly contracted out for the use of the Zoe Fellowship Ministries for it’s massive public prayer rallies much to the detriment and prejudice of the state of the grounds and activities of cricket.” said Mulyagonja.

The IGG said the Uganda Cricket Association purports that the implementation of the terms of the contract will stifle the activities of the various cricket teams and make it impossible for them to prepare for various tournaments.
By UG Christian News Correspondent.

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