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Zabuli reveals how God solidified her ministry in uncertain times

Gospel Minister Zabuli. Courtesy Photo.

By Aaron Sseruyigo

KAMPALA – In June this year UG Christian News reported that award winning gospel music minister Zabuli had embarked on a 3-month cross country worship tour, dubbed “He still Cares.”

Zabuli explained that the “worship movement” was in obedience to an instruction she received from God, even though “it was hard to see what He was planning.”

This visit birthed a thirst in me for the people of God to know that “He still cares” as the message He has for them, the former Muslim said. 

She also resolved not to charge a fee for one to attend it. 

In regard to this initiative, Zabuli on Tuesday took to social media to reflect on her journey, revealing that this year, she has experienced “a different wave with God.”

“At some point I found myself letting a lot of people down because I din’t quite understand what was going on. I even started feeling depressed because I couldn’t figure out what was going on,” she said.

“I lost a lot of good friends, let down a lot of events because I din’t feel like leaving the house to go anywhere. I stopped communicating with a lot of people, but I finally got a breakthrough. I understood I was taking form. I know that when a caterpillar is transitioning, no butterfly can identify with it because its in a stage of change,” she continued.

Zabuli explained that God enabled her understand that even in seasons when she may not full understand what He is up too, it is incumbent upon her to remain faithful, grounded and obedient.

“Many thought I lost it when I started the worship tours. I mean, I’m a known dancehall artiste. But you see, that’s through the eyes of man to take what the eye sees. Change offends many , but it also helps many,” she said. 

“In my five (5) years now as a minister, it’s in this year I saw God move mysteriously when I served the most under that worship tour. My level of perception of God had to change from what I want him to be to who He wanted me to show me He can be,” she explained.

 “Just don’t limit my hand to what you see. I’m so much more if only you can let me be God. My God, then the season made sense,” Zabuli recounted God’s instruction. 

The well-known singer is grateful she din’t stop when people thought she was “crazy, or not good enough.”

“I am fulfilled knowing I would rather take his hand than run away from the blows of man and life. I am built different and I function according to my Maker’s settings. I won’t apologise for not fitting in the box of man and life. I am bigger than life. It’s okay to feel different when you are taking a new form of wisdom, experience, realm as long it is with God,” she narrated.


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