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Zabuli opens up about her new 11-track worship album

Former Muslim turned Christian, Zabuli. courtesy photo.

Gospel minister, Zabuli – popularly know as the woman of steel, will release a highly-anticipated worship project on December 8, 2017 for the first time since kicking off her music career.

Expected on the heels of several recent award nominations and evangelical projects hinged on her testimony of a broken past; Zabuli features young talented gospel musicians as they join forces to lead diverse audiences to the message of the Cross . This will happen at Victory City Church – Ntinda, a suburb of Kampala.

With soaring vocals, the 11-track CD features songs that usher the listener into a meaningful worship experience. “God has His ways greater than how we plan as human beings,” she says.

Zabuli knows the music appeals to a diverse audience with both the sound and the message, this has prompted her to keenly rely on God’s guidance as he executes such projects.

“Two years ago, you could never tell me, “Zabuli, you are going to have a worship evening,” and I tell you I’m going to do that but, because of God’s ways, I’m amazed myself at what He is doing,” she says.

Zabuli opens up to Alecho Karen, a correspondent of UG Christians News talking about this worship album and passion to venture into the fashion Industry.

Why the Worship project?

Zabuli: People expect a lot, but they sometimes forget there is much more that God expects me to do than just the people. So why this is happening is because God wanted it and has made everything happen for it to be a day to actually release my Worship Album of 11 trucks.

Attendants are going to see excellence even if it is fee of charge. I feature Andy Walker, Sachi Basaki – he is trying to do a solo career, and I thought it would be a good thing to start fresh with some people who have not been out there a lot. Andy has been known for backups, but people don’t know that he is a solo singer. He has projects of his own.

Will the album be ready by 8th December, and at how much?

Zabuli: It will be ready. I will give them the album free of charge but since they are not coming to pay any entrance – I would think they would love to stand with the artist who is doing the show even if it is free of charge. And since it is going to be a live event, there are payments going to people working with me. So, what they could spend on entrance, they could support through buying the album which will be available at only 30,000 (Ugx) that day.

Who will minister with you on stage?

Zabuli: Andrea presson, Reborn status, D.Reign, Andy Walker, Basaki and some young people. Many of them have not been known as individual artists. I would love people to expect a new thing happening – a new generation birthed out of this worship concert. Beauty is that it is going to be an annual event. They should just come expecting something they have not seen before. Don’t put me in a box, you will be amazed.

People know you for energetic Dance-hall/R&B kind of music. Who is Zabuli the soulful worshiper?

Zabuli: In our urban kind of music, people are scared to be real with God in worship. Like, they have all these statuses to maintain, make up, looks celebrity status  and I want to break through that because even if you became a star and Jesus is still in control. At the end of the day, what I want people to know is regardless of the fact that we do dance hall or what, God has His ways greater than how we plan as human beings.

Majority of people don’t understand what they have until they step into the waters – you cannot swim when you are not in the water.

So when you see someone venturing into something different  you will have the faith that I can also do something different. People live in stereotyped environments where those who do dance-hall do that alone – people who do Hop Hop cannot do an R&B song. I want to break through that because when God gives you the gift, he gives you the tools you need, the ideas and grace.

People should come (From 6-10 pm. Free of charge) expecting some new wells to be opened in their own lives and areas like ministry, social life, relationship . I love taking risks and being different. I love choosing to be my own.

Rumor has it that you are you venturing into fashion. Is it true?

Zabuli: I have a fashion collection, Mulodi collections. I’m apparently the vision bearer and face, because people believe in stuff that has tested time. The whole project is still on the foundation, but I have a team; tailors, people doing the photography. Mulodi collections assembles the African fabrics in an urban world.

Isn’t that too much to handle at once?

Zabuli: People usually ask me, what won’t you do. This is the thing – I only have one life and every day comes once. What will I tell my grand kids if I don’t try to do everything I want to do now. I would like to use my time to achieve much more than actually being just a music artiste.

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