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Zabuli embarks on her 3-month cross-country worship tour

Award winning gospel music minister and fashioner behind Uganda’s Mulodi Collection,  Zabuli has kicked off her planned cross country worship Tour, dubbed “He still Cares.”

The gospel dance hall artiste, known to most Christians as the “woman of steel,” started her ministration on Sunday in Lugazi at Power of God Worship Center.

The tour is expected to run for 3 months, and it features numerous new songs the singer believes will trigger a worship movement in Churches.

Earlier speaking to her social media audience, Zabuli explained why she started the tour – and why she won’t be charging a fee in order for one to attend it.

“A few weeks back, God asked me to do something, so hard if your vision is of human kind. It was hard to see what He was planning. He asked me if He came back today, will I hand Him a report of great work or a report lacking excellence? He went on to tell me to go to His people even when they don’t call me, I go to them for Him. This was my answer. I said “father I will go as long as you are with me [and] for me”.

“This visit birthed a thirst in me for the people of God to know that “He still cares” as the message He has for them. And behold the worship movement. The faithful of our times join me as I go in to harvest more hearts for God. Pray with me on this tour am going on to empty hell more and fill heaven. I promise all locations you see here God hand picked Himself .I am saying; yes Lord. Send me. And now am on the front lane because obedience is better than sacrifice,” Zabuli wrote.

“He Still Cares” Tour Locations

10th June 2018 – Mukono

24th June 2018 – Entebbe

1st July 2018 – Kotido

10th July 2018 – Jinja

3rd August 2018 – Kitetika

26th July 2018 – Congo Kinshasa

31st August 2018 – Kyambogo University



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