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Zabuli discloses the unsuspected source of your spiritual battle

Today, I just want to help someone by destroying the enemy and his plans, says Zabuli, a worshiper and recording artiste. Image:@Phaneroo

Struggling with sin is like the feeling of drowning. You splash around frantically trying to find your footing, but you still sink under the water. Many of us who struggle with the same sin over and over feel like failures. You know the truth of God’s word, but it looks as though you can’t overcome the sin long enough to walk in the freedom granted by the blood of Jesus.

During a recent engagement, gospel star Zabuli made a profound observation.

“The devil can’t stand it if we have a relationship with God,” she said.

“So what he does is to gets us to do small things contrary to what God wants for us. He then makes us feel guilty about these things, the next thing you see is a distant relationship,” Zabuli, a former Muslim, added.

If I can break down what Zabuli said, the enemy brings you to the ‘No Confidence Zone,’ away from a realm of confident living in God’s love where we joyfully accept His mercies and forgiveness.

This ‘No Confidence Zone’ filled with condemnation is the realm that the prodigal son left when he abandoned the mess of his former life and returned to his father’s house where the former mess was not even remembered.

But how far can condemnation take us?

Zabuli explained, “You start doing bigger wrong things because you think God can’t forgive you and then, the relationship that was meant to survive through truth and communion is destroyed by these lies and it’s no more. The devil moves on to the next person and you stay angry at your self, bitter at your actions, guilty for your thoughts, resentful towards truth.”

Zabuli explained that God gave us the ability to use every resource and talent in our reach to work with Him – and for Him. “This means communion,” she said.

“You are normal when you mess up as long as you are faithful to ask God for forgiveness and try do better. Many mistakes don’t mean God stopped caring, they mean you can have a bigger story to tell though the scars too will be many and am guessing you don’t love all scars. The real enemy is the evil you keep doing and blaming yourself for the results yet you can choose to run after righteousness,” she continued.

“Learn that in everything you do right for God, the devil plans something to destroy you more. Stop killing yourself with guilt,anger, disappointment, regret. You keep the devil winning. Try forgiving yourself, loving yourself, being righteous,” she added.

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