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Youth Pastor weighs in on authentic worship

Mr Denis Mugume.

One of the most common dilemmas faced by those who take worship seriously is; how can I, in all honesty, worship when I just don’t feel like it?

Life has a way of opposing devotion through a variety of means, and so there is and there will be times when it seems hypocritical to sing songs of praise and worship because it is not the way we feel.

The answer to this is that there is no greater antidote to such feelings than the injection of Biblical truth, the recognition that God is worthy of worship and praise simply for who He is regardless of our feelings or circumstances.

Expressing that truth in obedience to His command has an effect of putting life back into proper perspective. If we put aside our feelings and base our worship on the truth about God (who is the same yesterday, today and forever), our feelings will follow along and we will experience the formation of a Christ-like character in our lives.

Worship can and should be a dynamic expression with which we encounter the Living God, when this happens, Life changing spiritual transformation results. Constant exposure to spiritual truth in the presence of God can renew our hearts and minds and lead us into a deeper relationship with God. So essentially, worship Him.

Worship Him when every thing is going right, Worship Him when everything is going wrong;
Worship Him when you have that retake, worship Him when you graduated and are with out formal employment.

Worship Him when all your mates are getting married except you, worship Him when you have been married for five years and are without children.

Worship Him when you are still paying rent, worship Him when you do not have the money to finish off the house whose foundation you laid six years ago.

Worship Him when you have that job you hate, worship Him when you did not get that promotion you worked so hard for. Worship Him when even the little money that you try to save is spent on your parents’ medical bills, worship Him when you do not know where or how it is that you will pay for your children’s school fees.

Dear worshiper wherever you find yourself, worship Him. He may most probably not even change your circumstances, but He will most certainly change you as you worship. And you in turn will change your circumstances through His infinite wisdom.  Bow down and worship Him, Come now is the time to worship!

By Denis Mugume.

The writer is a Youth and Students’ Minister at St.Francis Chapel Makerere – Kampala.

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