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Youth Bobi Wine offered a place to stay are now born again

Tigo Man [R] pulled out what he thought was a cigar pipe, but the Pastor identified to have been related to witchcraft for usage as a protection tool.

It was a moment of celebration and joy when three young men from Kamwokya gave their lives to Christ on Sunday and later testified revealing that Popular singer and member of Parliament, Bobi Wine offered them a place to stay as they navigated slums with no hope whatsoever.

Identified by their pet names, Tigo Man, Tiger and Inspector, the three youngsters made a life transforming move of welcoming Christ into their lives when Pastor and founder of Praise Ministries – Ntinda, Dr Pr Godfrey Kamese called them from the congregation.

It all started with Inspector who during a short praise section danced fervently before the large audience. This prompted the pastor to call him forward for prayer during his sermon.

“The Lord is showing me your background, it is bad. We are not going to talk about that – we are going to talk about what God is going to do. God is going to raise you today. He is going to lift you up, show you favor, success and make you wealthy. Don’t quit on God. Serve God.” The Pastor said prophetically.

It is during this moment that Dr Godfrey asked Inspector who among the people he had come with was abusing drugs and consuming alcohol. That is when Tigo Man came forth and later Tiger, a Congolese who said he is pursuing a kickboxing career.

Tiger shares his story, led to Christ.

Inspector revealed to the congregation how Bobi Wine offered him a place to stay at the lowest point of his life. He then made friendship with Tigo Man and was later joined by Tiger who left Congo for Uganda although he had no place to settle upon arrival.

Committing to change, Tigo Man pulled out what he thought was a cigar pipe he had long kept and used but, the Pastor identified the craft to be related to witchcraft for usage as a protection tool.

Tiger, who struggled expressing himself in English, spoke in Swahili and revealed to the congregation that matter had been placed in the upper thigh to give him supernatural strength to maintain a fight while in the ring.

They young men asked to be led to Christ, which the pastor did gladly. Over 15 other souls joined them seconds later and they all confessed their sins and accepted Christ as their personal savior.

By Paul Dennis

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