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You won’t read about this in the media, but Levixone is saying something

Levixone sings with Bebe Cool during the 5th edition of HiPipo Music Awards at Serena Hotel. Courtesy Photo.

Gospel music singer Levixone has for times without number mentioned that his heart is drawn towards sharing God’s word with the world, praying that many souls get to know God and experience His unconditional love.

The singer excited revelers during the 5th edition of HiPipo Music Awards at Serena Hotel on Saturday, when he sang with top African reggae and ragga musician Bebe Cool.

During his performance, the 24-year-old briefly drew towards Bebe Cool, with whom they sang a chorus to his song before he went back on the stage. This left the crown in cheers, considering the fact that Bebe Cool, real name Moses Sali is actually a Muslim.

“Through my vehicle which is Music I have always had a desire to reach the unreachable this has been my prayer, because the word of God is full of commands that we should preach the gospel to all people and nations.” Levixone said recently.

Forget how he looks, and how he sounds: Kosovo slums are exactly the kind of place where you’ll find Levixone, who has become one of the most successful Christian musician in Uganda today.

Where some ministers and faith-based organisations build walls about them and cut off interactions with main stream (secular) acts, the Co-founder of took to social media last week when Eddie Kenzo turned up to support several drought-hit families in Mityana.

“God bless you my brother Eddy Kenzo for answering my prayers. I watched the same news on TV and I asked God for some one to give a hand to those people in Mityana. I bless God for your life and to bless you too and your family abundantly.” He wrote, tagging Kenzo.

“Do not compromise with Love, live love, walk love, breathe love and most importantly in order not to get hurt so fast don’t expect so much in return from the people you love, just do your part, if they love you back well and good, but if they don’t, be contented that you still love them anyway.” Levixone stressed.

Speaking of love for that matter, it is important to love all of God’s children. From the tax collectors to the Pharisees to the priests, we are all sinners – redeemed and forgiven.

Christian love says, “I love you for the broken, sinful person that you are. And because I love you, I will encourage you to be the man or woman you are called to be in Christ.”

I would additionally say that love will mean telling your friends they’re wrong. It sometimes means calling them out on their behavior. Love may at times mean disagreements and arguments, but those ultimately lead to personal and spiritual growth.

Elsewhere at the HiPipo Music Awards event, hosted by TV personality Douglas Lwanga and radio presenter, King Wesley of Spirit 96.6 FM, Ninkwesiga by Ray G Rhiganz was announced as the Best Regional Song.

Commended Acapella Group (Commendation Certificate), the award went to the Canaan Gents.

Bebe Cool was announced as the Music Icon of The Decade, and the Entertainment Showbiz Act award went to Madina Nalwanga, Queen of Katwe, among many more awards given out that night.

By Paul Dennis.

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