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You woke up our sleeping souls – Preacher at Moze’s requiem mass told

The sermon delivered by Rev Fr Deogratius Kateregga Kiibi who led Mowzey Radio’s requiem mass at Rubaga Cathedral – Kampala has gone viral and received applause from Celebrities, Christians and thousands who were following the live procession online across the country.

Rev Fr Deogratius Kateregga Kiibi was on Friday bold and fluent enough to address popular figures in the country who rarely appear in church, noting that that “every day we make choices in life and each choice we make costs us.”

He used the opportunity he had at a time the country is socked in pain at the loss of a talented artiste recognized internationally, to awaken the nation to the essence of God in life.

“If at 33, Mowzey has been able to bring such great multitudes to fill up the Cathedral, and many more outside, that means he has been a celebrity. If you are a celebrity before men, we desire that you are one even before God,” he said.

“Once they become celebrities, they stop going to church, mosques until when they are brought back, in casket. Dead! As thousands receive you with jubilation as you step on various stages to sing here on earth, we want the same to happen as you appear before God.”

“God is very essential in our lives, whether you believe in Him or not. Going to Church is mandatory. To all  youth who have gave gathered here today, we need God. Come to places of worship when you are still alive – not only upon death,” he added.

He urged celebrities to keep away from harmful drugs, stop living extravagant lives, “abandoning their wives at home because they’re spending most of the time in bars.”

He strongly condemned witchcraft and all habits after it, warning that anybody who dies will appear before God.

“We have no right to judge him [Mowzey], we leave everything to God, because he is the creator and supreme over all,” He added.

Reacting to Kateregga’s sermon, Pr Wilson Bugembe said “I think the Holy Spirit came upon him to wake up our sleeping souls. Those who know him, tell him that was ma best sermon I have ever heard from a priest,”

Moses Ssekibogo aka Mowzey Radio passed on Thursday morning at Case clinic where he has been admitted for 2 weeks after getting head injuries in a Bar braw in Entebbe.

By Staff Writer.

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