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Wrong doctrine is very deadly, Watoto Church Pastor says

Pastor Edward Mwesigye.

Sermons on doctrine have been deemed as a controversial issue in many Churches across Uganda today.

Perhaps the most frustrating challenge a Christian faces is trying to teach the Gospel to a person whose attitude shouts, “Don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up!” In other words, “It does not matter whether or not what you say is true, I am going to believe and do what I want.”

Reports across social media have revealed that the buzzwords of this generation are experience, feeling, and perception. “If it feels good, do it” is the criteria.

Watoto Church Pastor, Edward Mwesigye has shared his opinion on the matter, explaining that the biggest challenge in the body of Christ is “believers are very shallow on the word of God.”

He says many heavily depend on devotionals – “I am not saying we should not hear what preachers have to say, but more so, you should study for yourself, than simply depend on only what I tell you every Sunday,” he said.

The preacher made the remarks recently at Watoto Church as the Ministry made plans to full study of the book of Galatians.

If you are going to be strong and immovable, the word of God has to take root in your heart, Pastor Edward said.

He explained that the study is intended to encourage Christians to allow the bible to speak to them, and also fall in love with the word of God.

“Psalms 1 says you are blessed, if you treasure God’s word and meditate upon it, day and night. You will be life the tree planted by the river which bears fruit whether the economy is Good or bad. You are fruitful because your economy is not the world’s economy, it is the economy of heaven

“The gospel is so powerful that it changes every area of your life. The gospel can heal a relationship, marriage. The gospel is the power to bring unity in any family. The gospel sieves every area of our life, and my prayer is that as you begin to open the books of the bible, you will begin to see how that happens,” he said.

Pr Edward said when you get something wrong in your understanding of the one true gospel, everything is corrupted.

In Matthew 16:6 Jesus said to the disciples: “Watch out, and beware of the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees.” Pr Edward noted that many believers are at a loss as to what Jesus meant.  Aside using terms like “wrong,” or “false,” Jesus specifically used the word “yeast” to describe the perverse doctrine of the Pharisees that is spiritually harmful to disciples, the pastor explained.

Orphaned at a young age, Pastor Edward Mwesigye earlier shared his testimony saying he lived a life of pretence until he joined Watoto Church. Though he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Mechanical Engineering, he has never practiced his profession but instead went into full-time church ministry.

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