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Without God I’m nothing – Bamugemereire

Hon. Lady Justice Catherine N. Bamugemereire and her husband George Bamugemereire minister at the annual Impact Conference organised Deliverance Church Makerere Hill on 5th May, 2018. Courtesy Photo.

Hon. Lady Justice Catherine N. Bamugemereire who has fought large-scale corruption head-on through the Commission investigating land management was one of the speakers at the annual Impact Conference organised by Deliverance Church Makerere Hill on Tuesday.

Launched in 2005, the Impact Conference seeks to empower believers to be relevant agents of transformation in the market place.

For all her success, Justice Bamugemereire in her speech told the church she didn’t lobby for her current position as Chairman Commission of Inquiry into Land Matters, but “I was available.”

I don’t think I was the most gifted, Bamugemereire said, God opened up doors for me.

“The Lord allowed my availability to work. He also allowed certain brethren to entrust me with work,” she said.

“One day in October last year, I got a call from the President telling me about the country’s land problems,” she added.

She told the congregants never to despise the day of small beginnings.

The 48 year old, who attended the conference with her husband, George Bamugemereire, said she looks at life as vessel.

“We are earthen vessels, we are a work in progress, but me must represent wherever we have been planted. When it’s your time to be God’s vessel, be available, be reliable. If you do a job, do it with all your heart for God, do not be tempted to be sidetracked,” she said.

“Brethren, I am fully committed to God. Without God I am nothing,” she remarked.

“We started really small, we were naive. I remember when we got married in 1992, we did not have furniture in the house. My first job happened to be in George’s (her husband’s) office,” she said.

In regarding to her efforts to settle land disputes, Bamugemereire said “people have become more mature since the tribunal.”

President Museveni in May granted an 18-month extension to the Commission to enable it complete its task.

“We would like to renew the pledge of this commission to the mandate and terms of reference that His Excellency entrusted us with. We will continue to work unwaveringly in order to achieve the goals of the terms of reference and to do a good job and hopefully make a lasting change in which land is administered, acquired, managed and registered in this country,” Justice Bamugemereire told Journalists then.

The Commission sitting at the National Records Centre and Archives under the Ministry of Public Service in Wandegeya near Kampala officially opened its public hearings on May 9 2017.

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