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Wilson Kulaba: God does not give half victory

Dr. Wilson Evans Kulaba, (Ph.D). Image: Jubilee City Uganda

Senior Pastor and Founder of Jubilee Christian Life Church International, Dr. Wilson Evans Kulaba, (Ph.D) has said most times it’s impossible to predict when, where and how our victory will occur but, we can be certain God is able to bring something good out of every circumstance in life.

Dr. Wilson made these remarks though several of his updates to Christians on social media this week, where he used Psalm 91:7 to illustrate that when God gives you victory, it is absolute.

“When God deals with a situation, He does not only deal with it’s surface but rather starts from it’s foundation. From the very core depth of it,” the father of three (3) said.

More than anything else in life, Christians feel the need to be able to walk in complete victory — in every situation. Although one may be taught that this was actually attained at Calvary when Jesus took upon Himself our sins and failures, the times we are living in difficultly often trap us in unbelief and fear.

“The things you are afraid of, actually have no power over you,” Dr. Wilson stated. “The moment you realize who you are and who lives on the inside of you, you will have dominion over them all,”

“As long as you keep looking at yourself and at your strength and ability, you cannot do much. But if you learn to daily live your live in Jesus [the True Vine], with the understanding that the Almighty God reigns in you, you shall victoriously pursue and achieve your dreams,” Dr. Wilson Evans Kulaba said.

Elsewhere, Jubilee Christian Life Church International is set to host a thanksgiving celebration come 3 December, 2017 under the theme “It feels like heaven.”

This will happen at the church located along the northern by pass, Kireka Kampala. It will be graced by Levixone, Sseku Martin, Justine Nabbosa among others.

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