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Wild Fires: New event in Kampala carries a sound of revival

Ms Gloria Nanfuka, one of the organizers of ‘Wild Fire’ event speaks to UG Christian News. Photo Courtesy of Subject.

Having attended a number of events and studied them from afar, I’ve learned that it can be easy to get caught up in all the hoopla and miss the spiritual substance for which some of these gatherings are intended.

I have also learnt that when Christians attend events, it is because majority long to be fully submerged in such an atmosphere full of God’s word and revelation, testimonies and music, that will awaken them to the reality of God’s flow and move of the Holy Spirit, and evoke such a thirst for ministry among them. In other-wards, many hope such events can be spiritually fruitful and not leave majority of their congregation is in a state of arrested spiritual development.

Here to bridge the gap, the value in Wild Fires, a new event in Kampala happening for the second time, is to create that environment where one can encounter God’s heart and know His passionate love.

“Wildfires is a space and event we have created for people to encounter God’s heart and his love, to know that they are passionately loved, ask questions, and find healing for their souls and even physically. It is an intimate experience,” Ms Gloria Nanfuka, one of the organizers, who is also the host of Power 104.1 Fm’s ‘The Bridge’ Show, told this website.

“We aim to create an environment with as little distraction as possible, an environment where people get shown God’s heart for them through music and conversation. God’s love for us burns like a Wild Fire. It’s passionate! God’s love pursues us. He will go to the ends of the earth, flatten mountains and split seas to get to you. That’s what we want people to walk away persuaded of. That the almighty God adores, desires and loves them,” she added.

The event happens monthly, and the last edition held November featured Pastor and lead worshiper Brian Lubega.

This time around, Gloria says they will host award winning musician Samuel Kimera come the 9th of February 2018 at Wizarts Ntinda, a location in northeastern Kampala, starting 7pm for only Ush10,000 – payable at the entrance.

The event will run under the theme “Does God care about me?”

“Do you believe that God cares about you through and through? From your smallest to your biggest problem. From your hair appointment to the crush who won’t text you back to the rent money to your yearning to understand your purpose. He cares! He really does. Getting this revelation can bring a lot of freedom in various areas of our lives,” Gloria said.

Compiled by Karen Alecho

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