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Why Pastors haven’t withdrawn their support for Jennifer Musisi in 7 years

By Aaron Sseruyigo

A few months back, Jennifer Musisi sealed a partnership between Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) and the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda (IRCU) who pledged to use their platforms to update congregations on the developments of the city and  educate them on how they can benefit from the changes.

The born-again Christian mother who worked with Uganda Revenue Authority before assuming office at KCCA in April 2011 quit her job yesterday, an act which came as a complete surprise to many across the country.

In her resignation letter of 21 pages addressed to the President, Musisi said she will leave office with effect from 15th December 2018. Museveni has twice renewed her contract to run until 14 April 2020.

“One of the main challenges has been to reconcile the competing interests between political perspectives / decisions and the strategic plans, policies, regulations and work plans of the KCCA Technical Team. Consequently, it has increasingly become difficult to achieve set targets,” she wrote.

Jennifer Musisi has unlike any other individual within her circles received recognition and positive rating from several born-again Pastors in the capital, Kampala  –  year after year. Although many Church leaders expect individuals serving in the public sector to be role models of Christian values, Jennifer has for many stood out in how she has consistently maintained order, stood by her principles and restored what can loosely be defined as the city’s ‘lost glory’.

During her appearance at Miracle Centre Cathedral Rubaga in June 2017, Pr Robert Kayanja in a statement said, “through her God ordained leadership, she is helping change people’s lives for the better to the glory and victory of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

The Pastor described her as “an extended hand of God..ushering the city of Uganda into the right direction of growth and development.”

In her 2015 speech to a mass gathering of Christians during the Kampala City festival, Ms Musisi said when the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice.

“We are rejoicing because we know this is the work of God. I don’t think anything would be what it is today had the Lord not allowed it. God has established his presence in Kampala,” she told believers.

“Do pray that what God is doing in Kampala will replicate in other districts of Uganda. If God can change KCC to KCCA, He can transform anything. I saw where KCCA was and where it is today. There has got to be war before victory, and we are winning. Sometimes we do fail and fall flat on the ground but God is faithful. When I close the doors to my house and cry out to God, letting Him Know that am tired, he lifts me up to face the next day.” she added.

At Jubilee Christian Life Church International, Jennifer Semakula Musisi was offered a platform to share various life changing words of wisdom directed more so towards the formative youth.

She then receiving an award from the church leadership led by Ap. Dr. Wilson E. Kulaba who appreciated her for the remarkable commitment and contribution to society transformation.

Jennifer Musisi has in times past appeared at Gaba Community Church, Kampala for the annual Renewal Summit that draws several senior pastors from all across the world to Uganda.

In his statement to press, Gaba Community Church lead Pastor introduced Mrs Jennifer Musisi as a woman God has used to bring transformation to Kampala.

“For her, its a mission that God has called her as a child of God, she is making a difference in our city.” Pr Kasirivu said.

Musisi was born in Mukono District in the Central Region of Uganda, during the 1960s. She is a lawyer, advocate of the High Court of Uganda and seasoned administrator with a strong legal, administrative and leadership background. She trained at Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda as well as numerous other institutions including The George Washington University, Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School.

In August and July this year, two churches expressed interest in supporting Kampala City Council Authority efforts to rehabilitate the authority’s schools. KCCA had estimated that it requires close to sh450b to have all its primary schools fully renovated.

Life Church in Namasuba contributed 7 million shillings and  Watoto Church made a cash contribution of 10 million shillings. The down-town celebration point later hosted her during the ‘Power, Sex and Money’ gathering where she revealed that, “I was the first person in her family to get saved.”

While receiving the dummy cheque with her team, Ms Musisi applauded Watoto Church, for partnering with KCCA to boost the education sector.

When tension rose in various parts of the country over rampant glusome murders, Musisi urged Christians that God will transform Uganda brick-by-brick “as He promised in Ezekiel 36:33-36.”  Jennifer shared on transformation and how each Christian at whatever level can loop in and make their lasting positive contribution to the advancement of the city and country.

The day that drew debate

In all this, there are days when Jeniffer nearly clashed with Churches over noise pollution and street preachers.

Kampala Capital City Authority announced on 19th April 2018 that it will without further warning start to arrest and prosecute in the Courts of Law Christians found preaching the gospel on the streets.

KCCA claimed that the directive was put in place to restore trade, traffic order and development control in the city.

This prompted Pastors to call for a meeting. It was graced by among others Pr David Kiganda, Charles Tumwiine, Fredrick Wantante, Fredrick Ssemazzi, Godfrey Luwaga and Ramathan Mukisa, with lawyers lead by Vicent Mutonerwa and Arthur Ayolekirwe.

Jennifer Musisi has said street preachers have a right to spread the gospel but they have to operate within the KCCA laws.

“The ordinance regulating activities on the streets including the vending, public address systems on streets, advertising, all those laws are from the 2006 ordinance,” she said.

The meeting at City Hall ended with a drafted document upon which the activities of preaching the gospel and managing the city found a common ground.

Pastor David Kiganda noted after the meeting that a select committee of 12 people was formed to make recommendations to KCCA on how street preaching can be regulated.

In his statement to media reporters, Bishop Herbert Buyondo said one of the things agreed upon in the meeting was to give Street Preachers identification.

The question that remains

Who will fit in Jennifer Musisi’s shoes or even deliver better? Undoubtedly, her presence within the public sector has brought a lot of joy to the Christian Community. Her contribution towards city transformation is tangible, although to her critics, there is more she could have done during her 7 years as KCCA Executive Director.

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