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What you should know about Watoto360° discipleship program

The Watoto360° new intake for the January to June 2018 semester, is on. Courtesy Photo.

Could it be that in the act of making disciples, we actually become more of who Christ designed us to be? It was in the act of sharing faith that thousands of early Christians were transformed into new creations.

The story of Jesus’ ministry cannot be told without reference to how fervently He invested in, empowered and released disciples into service.  For all those reasons, discipleship should be addressed in sermons at least on occasion at nearly every church.

Better yet, where Churches are able to come up with well designed programs that utilize more intensive and effective discipleship methods, such arrangements are undeniably Kingdom-building potential.

Watoto Church last week announced the Watoto360° discipleship program, noting that new intake for the January to June 2018 semester had started, deadline being 15 September, 2017.

What is it all about

The Church says this discipleship programme was launched in 2010, to holistically disciple young adults with emphasis on spiritual growth, character development and preparation for service. Based on I Timothy 4:8, the program is aimed at discipling a whole person to transform a whole community and the whole world.

“The objectives are; to stimulate spiritual growth in the young people’s lives, inspire young people to discover their purpose in life, prepare young people to serve God in the local church, impact their communities and the world for Christ and strengthen one’s ability to relate with others.” The Church says.

Class sessions are organised with interactive teaching, in a classroom setting. For internship, students are attached to various departments within Watoto Ministries to serve and learn practically.

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