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What do singles do in waiting? Mother married 19 years shares

Mrs Christine Mugabi (R) has been married to Pastor Joshua Martin Mugabi of Watoto Church for 19 years now. Christine is the first born of 7 siblings. Courtesy photo.

Perhaps you are still single, praying and serving the Lord, waiting on Him while you attend to the studies, work and life with which He has blessed you.

You’d like to get married, and, like most young women, you dream of one day meeting that right man, loving him the rest of your days, and sharing a family, life, love, children, and the happiest and saddest of days with him.

What do you do as you wait? Mrs Christine Mugabi, married to Pastor Joshua Martin Mugabi of Watoto Church for 19 years now, answered this question during the weekly ‘Power, Sex and Money’ gathering at Watoto Church – Down town on the 9th of February, 2018.

She narrates:

First of all you need to know that Jesus loves you. You need to know that you are beautiful special and are not waiting because you are not good enough, I believe there is a right time for each and everyone.

Don’t panic, don’t be anxious and don’t settle for anything less than God’s best. Several times pressure makes you feel like the next time anybody comes, “I am going to go.”

And you know those ‘anybodies’ can be non-christians, unserious guys and players among others. Value your self – I guarantee you God has the right man who will love you, value you and wait for you.

When I finished Campus I thought after 3 years, I will get married. I eventually finished campus at 21 years of age. But at 24 realized I was not ready to become a wife. Of course because of life, I had responsibilities and siblings. I pushed to another three years later.

But even if you have messed up before, God is a God of second chance. Before my husband, I had relationships, they went wrong but I said, I would rather lose a boyfriend than my relationship with God.

I cried my tears but God healed me. I had to learn that God accepts me for who I am. I had to look my self in the mirror and say; Christine you are beautiful, you are somebody’s wife, will be somebody’s mother when the time comes.

When God brought my husband, he was born again, He loved and respected me, didn’t push me for sex before marriage, he had kept himself pure, accepted me for who I was among other things.

For that matter, I can say with 150 percent conviction that your waiting on God is not in vain. Don’t compromise or start sleeping around.  We count using the biological clock, but with God understand that the right person is coming. Do your best to look God and serve God. There is so much in you.

Yes, marriage is great and not the only reason why God created you. Excel in your career as you wait. Don’t wait to become a mother, then leave your 6 months baby because you want to go for that master’s degree. Do it now that you are still single. Upgrade yourself.

Will the right person be intimidated by your [superior] stature? No, we have lived so much with that fear that If i get over empowered, you are going to scare away the right man. That is not true. The right person for you will view this as signs of handwork, development and that you are moving in the same direction. Two are better than one.

I think there is a lot of gifts and potential in singles. Instead of grumbling and complaining, choose to enjoy life decently.

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