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We need the teachings of Scripture in Church

When people come out and say pastors are doing this and that, we should not be aggrieved. The challenge is, they have spoken, can we respond? What are we facing today, are these things really happening in our churches in Uganda. Do they exist? And if they do, how do we approach them? The tricks do exist, people are playing games. How do we solve them? We should not live in denial. Today, there is a lot of mess happening in our churches and when someone mentions it, let us face it.

I would say the major cause of some of these things, if you look at the Church of Christ for example, we started with Christianity which came through the missionaries who introduced religion.

Then from there, we moved on and in the 1950’s, we saw the Born-again movement, if i will call it. Those that were willing to preach the bible and encouraging a personal relationship with Christ. What we had before were the conventional denominations, and everybody accepted that to them, they never make any mistakes.

Today, many believe all mistakes are with the Born-again, which is just a mere scapegoat. Now, the Born-again are saying things that are in the bible but they have not actually lived according to the revelation they have received, follow me closely. Not many are living according to that revelation. So that is why the fire is so much on this side. The world knows that we have a reality. It knows! That is why the fire is targeting towards us.

However, now that we have our own problems – we are not leaving according to the word, why? After that movement of the 1950’s, what we saw was evangelistic:

“Repent, repent, you do not need religion. Come out of religion. Jesus is coming back.”

That is how everything started. Then Idi Amin come, some preachers went undercover. When he left, they rose up again in the early 1980’s. But there was no teaching, it was only evangelistic.

That is what most of the first Born-again churches have been proclaiming. But see, being just evangelical is not teaching. The church has lacked teaching hence most people don’t even know what the truth is. They believe once they tell them; I’m anointed, then everything I tell you is biblical.

Why? because it has been an evangelic move. This is why you have to know, with evangelism, you do not have to do a lot of explanation, you just have to believe everything I tell you. Believe that Jesus is going to save you.

So, after I believe, now what next? “Come to church, pay your tithe and offering.”

“I’m going through some hard times, what do I do?”

We don’t even know how to separate the maturing of the saints and mere attacks of the devil. Every bad thing that comes, we say the devil is against me, we don’t even know if God is leading us through trials of our faith.

We have got to a point where by minds have been totally frozen, you tell me how to get a miracle… that is why people are today so obsessed with miracles. Many don’t know how to walk with God and begin living a life of the blessing and how things ought to be.

Instead of learning the word, so that miracles can follow, many think that is so painful it takes a lot of time – so what do we they? They seek miracles.

“Put here a million and a miracle will happen in two days,” they are told.

Now because minds have been in that manner, when you add on the economic crisis around us, yet one is not taught the word on how to leave and thrive amidst the pressures, they are going to seek for miracles for they are desperate.

Let is clean up church! Someone tells you; bring this amount of money and will pray a special blessing! there is nothing called a “special blessing” in the bible. Christians don’t even read their own bibles. Lets clean the house.

Because we are not taught, we are so empty, and now we have literally been brain washed. This is happening in our churches. We have brain washed believers that believers today look for a pastor who will play them and, a pastor they can play.

You see a believer in church 15 years yet, they have not grown even an inch. They live like a devil. But the bible is so clear, Paul said: “Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true” (Acts 17:11).

Today, many don’t want to read the bible. If you are not noble enough, then you are naive. You are ignorant. we are falling apart. The answer is simple, believers should be noble. Read the Word of God yourself.

By Cyrus Geoffrey Rod.

Cyrus Geoffrey Rod resides in Kampala Uganda with his lovely wife Robi Rod and and together they are the founders and pastors of Cyrus Rod Ministries. He is the author of fast selling book titled ‘Unlocking Marital Bliss‘.

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