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We need men passionate about seeing God change Uganda

Pr Peter Kasirivu. Courtesy photo.

Lead pastor of Gaba Community Church and host of the annual Renewal Summit, Peter Kasirivu has said Uganda needs men who are passionate about seeing God change their nation and are willing through servant-leadership to sacrifice everything for the cause of Christ.

Pastor Kasirivu believes leaders in Church ought to stand in the gap so as to change the course of not only Uganda, but Africa at large.

He says he has “this beautiful vision” of seeing men and women of God coming from various countries to share a message that talks about inner transformation of an individual which in turn leads to fervent service to God externally, in communities among other places.

Pr Kasirivu, who is also the vision bearer of Africa Renewal Ministries, made these remarks during an interview with USA based Pastor, Michael David Yearley this week.

“I feel the future of Africa is through God’s people because politicians, governments have tried –  external foreign aid has done its part but it is going to be the church of Jesus Christ,” he said.

“And the only way this is going to happen is [through] we the leaders, men and women who have had an encounter with Jesus – who have followed Jesus through discipleship – who are being mentored by other men of God  – who are not only passionate about God but also about seeing God change their nation and lives through Jesus Christ,” he continued.

“Africa is a paradox. We have the best, but also the worst. We have the greatest kind of people but also have a lot of challenges. We are a rich country , but yet also very poor… and the whole reason is because of the heart of man,” he added.

On the vision for Africa and individual transformation, Pastor Kasirivu said it is possible for Africa to be changed but, through the gospel of Jesus Christ and the men and women who have had an encounter and changed for His purpose.

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