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We don’t go to court to defend the Bible, BSU tells Dr Serwadda

Presiding Apostle, Dr Joseph Serwadda. Courtesy Photo

The Bible Society of Uganda [BSU] has during an interview with Presiding Apostle, Dr Joseph Serwadda on Sunday revealed that they cannot engage in legal battles as a way of handling those accused of ‘abusing’ the bible. The organisation has also called for humility among leaders.

BSU urges that if any Church leader assumes there is any error in biblical texts, they should be approached first.

“It is pride of the highest order when you find fault in me, I call you to talk about it, and you decline my invitation.  That means you have a hidden agenda.”  Justus Rubarema, the programs Manager at Bible Society of Uganda emphasized.

Other than praying about it, Mr Rubarema was asked what else the organisation [being custodians of bible] does when someone, Christian or not, ‘abuses’ the word of God.

Dr Serawadda cited an example of when Gaddafi reportedly “abused” the bible by stepping on it during his visit to Uganda to close the first Afro Arab Youth Summit in 2008. From the Headlines of two main newspapers in the country, Gaddafi was quoted as saying, “Bible a forgery” (New Vision) and “Bible altered” (Daily Monitor).

“When someone who was not there when translations where being made comes up and says, these bibles that have no transparency should be burn, it is surprising. That is why one without wisdom needs prayers. Lies are not sustainable, ask Peter who denied Jesus. The truth will always over ride lies.”   Mr Rubarema said.

“These scrolls, manuscripts are years old and were written by scribes who were there before us. Some were on animal skin among other places. We do not keep God out of this whole process . It is his work. The bible is the Word of God. Ask those that have refuted it, what has happened to them. [The consequences] might not happen to them in particular, but move on to their children. If someone can fight or defend a car he owns, do you think God will not defend His Word.”

“We are dealing with two things here, the spirit and law. When you charge someone, you are looking much at the law. Laws are both unequal and untruthful . He who is in wrong can as well win a court case. The greatest Judge, our God, doesn’t use laws. Laws do not give us life. We cannot engage in legal battles to defend the bible. We cannot overcome such battles. God is spirit, He is alive and big. We should learn humility as leaders. One knows something the other doesn’t.” Justus Rubarema said, noting that there is need for consultations among the leaders when none fails to find meaning from any portion of scripture.

He noted that any person that leads a large crowd should be careful with what they say.

“There are battles that have led to death of masses over minor concerns that were spoken out of negligence. When one goes on media and says ; that is for burning, you are pre-programing the mind of many for over 50 years, that it is possible to burn the bible…”

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