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Watoto Church’s 34th Christmas Cantata like nothing we’ve seen before

Rehearsals for The ‘All for love’ Christmas Cantata production at Watoto Church – Downtown – Kampala. Courtesy photo.

Watoto Church is well known for phenomenal and expert productions that combine exquisite music, dance, drama, with audiovisual elements to bring life to the Christmas story.

25th December is fast approaching, and as many Christians around the world ponder upon ways to celebrate it, Watoto Church has confirmed that their annual Christmas Cantata show dates and time are out.

Running under the theme ‘All for love,’ the 34th production is unlike what they have showcased in the past.

Speaking to UG Christian News on Friday, Ms Patricia Ochol, the in-charge of communications at Watoto Church downtown – Kampala stated that the entire production has been tailored to help Christians fully understand why God sent His son, why He does the things He does for us – and why we have Christmas.

“The reason behind Christmas, why God sent us His son is because He love us. The ‘All for love’ production is centered at showing the whole purpose of Christmas. From the scripting (if you listen closely to the words) to the music, its all in the way that one gets to fully understand why God decided for us to have Jesus during such a time,” she stated.

“Each year we try to do something different. Much as the message stays the same, the way it is presented is different. How the message is tailored will determine how everything on stage will happen. From what you saw last year – the songs, dance routine, lighting, set up among others – you will realize that everything is different,” she emphasized.

“There is always something new for one to discover that is why someone will come for every cantata every year and notice the difference in every edition. You will love the music, dance. It is very captivating and beyond the usual. This production is a reminder that there are things we take for granted yet mean much more,” she added.

Ms Patricia Ochol said although Cantata is entertaining, the Church’s intention is to use the experience to lead souls to Christ.

“This production is tailored to reach very many people and the ultimate intention is to win souls for Christ. In them (actors and actresses) telling the message the way they do, we pray that at the end of the day someone is touched and their desire to get to know more about God does grow,” she said.

On how the Church annually meets the production costs and displays excellence at every edition, Patricia Ochol said it happens through prayer, thorough preparations and rehearsals, dedication not to forget the financial blessings from believers.

“It takes love for one to do it. For instance, we have people who work, but then have to show up for rehearsals – it takes that extra love for you to say; I’m going to do this even if it means going beyond my comfort zone. People come and give off their time – for all those pieces to come together, it is a team of very many people. The excellence you see is brought about by many people and your constant prayers for this to happen, your giving and support,” she said.


ALL FOR LOVE: Watoto Church Downtown
Mon 18 – Fri 22 Dec, 6pm & 8:15pm
Sat 23 Dec, 3pm & 5:15pm

NO MORE NIGHT: Watoto Church Gulu
Sun 17 – Wed 21 Dec, 7pm

Fri 8 & Sat 9 Dec, 5pm
Sun 10 Dec, 9am & 11am

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