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Watoto Church celebrates over 10,000 decisions for Christ in 2017

Gary Skinner is the visionary and passionate Team Leader of Watoto Ministries including the dynamic Watoto Church. Courtecy Photo.

In his message shared during Super Cell Sunday, Pastor Gary Skinner said Watoto Church has continued to follow its God-given vision of celebrating Christ and caring for the community.

He stated that over the past year, they have been able to reach out to the community and have seen many lives changed as they share the love of Christ with them.

“This past year, our highest Sunday attendance was 29, 329 people, who came to celebrate Jesus – and I’m believing that in 2018, we are going to go way above 30,000 people. You say, “well, that is just numbers pastor.” Its actually 30,000 important people. Every person special and chosen to have an influence in the city. The more people we reach, the more people we can help influence the city,” he said.

Pastor Gary also used the occasion to announce that Watoto Church in 2017 saw 10,128 people say yes to Jesus.

“This happened in our services, cells and shift celebrations where we go to high schools and have special presentations to students and thousands of them come to Jesus,” he said.

The church also witnessed 187 new cells birthed throughout the city of Kampala.

“That is 187 places where people can get together, encourage each other and reach into their community and make a difference. It is no longer about caring for only boys and girls in our Watoto Villages but reaching the vulnerable women in our communities and helping them to realize their value, dignity and coming alongside them and helping them to raise their children, get them into school and others get jobs,” he said.

Watoto Church’s new theme this year is “You matter.” According to Pastor Gary Skinner, every human being matters because they are made in the image of God and everyone has a lot of potential.

Earlier speaking during a Friday sessions dubbed: Power, Sex and Money at Watoto Church downtown, Pastor Marilyn Skinner, wife to Gary, said success will never be measured by the things one has including car, clothes, and phone.

“Success is rather measured by the legacy one leaves behind,” she said.

By Paul W. Dennis

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