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VIDEO: Ap Bunjo targets Christians lost in deadly doctrine

Apostle John Bunjo. Courtesy photo.

Christian Restoration Ministries International (CRMI) team leader, Apostle John and wife, Sarah Bunjo have announced a campaign aimed at among other things launching out Christians in prayer and awakening the generation lost to what they urge is a false spirit sweeping the nation.

According to a statement sent to this website, the Church says false prophets have made it business to take advantage of innocent souls searching for God, and that they are motivated by the potential profits in the latest church trend.

“Uganda is in a time where divine encounter is needed more than ever before. Kidnaps have become rampant with many cases leading to murder. Families and friends are killing each other on a daily basis because of land wrangles,”

“With these and more issues happening in the country, ‘Is there not a cause,’” reads the statement.

While speaking to Journalists in Kampala on Monday, Apostle John Bunjo, 52, urged that Christians in Uganda must awaken to the Goliath that has infiltrated media and Churches.

Apostle Bunjo will be joined by Apostle Michael Kimuli from Christian Discipleship Ministries International, Bishop Stephen Senfuma from United Christian Church, Pastor Isaac Kitunka from Glorious church Bunamwaya and Pastor David Kunobwa from U.S.A.

“When you look at Uganda today, we are faced with a Goliath who is all over televisions, radios and Churches. We have a challenge today, as broad as the Church in Uganda might look, there is a Goliath of false prophets. The tool of ‘false prophets’ might be undermined but it much greater – because he [a false prophet] takes a hold of the bible and begins to speak,” John Bunjo told journalists, noting that the theme of the conference was picked from 1st Samuel 17:29.

John Bunjo said the attack is not just against the Pentecostal Church, but also other faith denominations.

“Is there not a cause, can’t anyone rise up and challenge this – not by throwing offensive words at one another or humiliation but through prayer – or rising up like David did,” Apostle Bunjo, a gospel minister for 37 years wondered.

The campaign, according to the church, will lead to 3 days of “National prayers and encounter with God” from 1st – 3rd June 2018 in Bombo Town.

“Christian Restoration Ministries International is calling upon all Ugandans to join in this campaign which will be climaxed with a 3 days prayer at CRMI headquarters in Bombo,”

VIDEO: Divine Encounter Press Conference.


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