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Ukraine: Hundreds of thousands gather to thank God for freedom to preach the gospel

Hundreds of Thousands Gather in the Streets of Ukraine to Praise the Name of Jesus | CBN News

It was amazing display of solidarity when hundreds of thousands of Christians in Ukraine poured out onto the streets of Kiev to sing songs and to praise Jesus as they celebrated the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.

According to local press, many traveled from all provinces just to be a part of the celebration, to thank God for the freedom to worship, to thank God for the freedom to preach the Gospel in their country, and to celebrate His faithfulness.

Mission Network News reported that the gathering came after Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko signed an order recognizing the anniversary of the Reformation. “It was so exciting to see on the screen of my computer where I was watching young people with so much joy. They glorify God in the midst of their capital,” he said.

Mr Sergey Rakhuba, leader of Mission Eurasia, a Christian organisation that promotes indigenous evangelism, church-planting, church growth and Christian leadership in Ukraine told Mission Network News that although the nation might face difficult days ahead, they are praising God for the spread of Christianity.

“Ukraine is still in the midst of war. Eastern Ukraine and territories are still occupied by Russian or pro-Russian separatists. Crimea was annexed by Russia. So yes, Ukraine is struggling politically, economically, but Ukraine is striving today spiritually, pleading to God to bless that nation.”

Attendees, according to CBN, enjoyed a host of family-friendly events including exhibits, play zones, and musical performances.

The celebration was also topped off by a performance by world-known motivational speaker Nick Vujicic.

Overall, Ukraine’s Thanksgiving day gathered from 100,000 to 150,000 people on Kyiv’s central street, according to the Institute of Religious Freedom NGO.

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