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Uganda’s current state of affairs leave Bishop Zac in tears

 Rt. Rev. Dr. Zac Niringiye. Courtesy Photo.

Outspoken Cleric, Rt. Rev. Dr. Zac Niringiye could not withhold his tears on Tuesday as he assessed Uganda’s current state of affairs on live TV.

The Bishop dismissed claims of a clash between the State and Church, explaining that what Uganda is faced with is a situation where there is a President, under a government that is “losing track and direction.”

Uganda has a President who doesn’t listen anymore, Dr. Niringiye said during the NBS Morning Breeze show, quickly noting that Religious leadership are calling him [President Museveni] and the government to accountability.

“We have a president who doesn’t listen anymore, remember that statement in public media when he said “I am no body’s servant,” that for me really said it – “I have a cause, a mission which is mine and I’m not accountable to anybody” – That simply says why we are where we are. We have a president who does not consider the people that he leads. He does not listen to them,” the retired Bishop said.

What really triggered Bishop Zac Niringiye came as he stressed how he has no joy in the way Ugandan Children are living and others dropping out of school.

“One of the reasons you do not hear me talk a lot is because there is nothing else to say,” he said amid growing emotions.

“What we really have today is injustice, lucration. If you are going to gauge where the country is, you do not check from the pronouncements of the President, Ministers or even Religious leaders to be honest. You just simply asses the quality of the life of the people,”

Responding to nationwide remarks of religious leaders staying out of politics, Niringiye said they [religious leaders] lead communities which he says are crying out.

“Religious leaders represent that cry,” He stated. “One of our challenges in this country is that deception has taken over. Leaders tell lies openly and they have created mechanisms and systems that simply lie – elections is one of those big lies. The idea of parties is a big lie.”

“If you really think NRM is a political party, ask Rt Hon Amama Mbabazi. He knows that NRM is not a political party that he thought it was. NRM is just an organisation owned by Gen Yoweri. I can show you all the evidence, but that is not the case,” He continued, noting that Parliament, judiciary, police and all other state institutions serve the president’s “mission”.

“There are no institutions of the state of the country, they are institutions of a Museveni state – a state that has been captured, personalized – The country is really in a very bad place. Government is simply failing, period!” he said.

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