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Ugandan Pastors attend Prophet Bashiri’s crusade in Kenya

Bishop Franklin Mondo Mugisha of Empowerment Christian Prayer Center International speaks to Prophet Shepherd Bashiri, The Enlightened Christian Gathering Church (ECG) leader based in South Africa, born in Malawi. Courtesy photo.

The Enlightened Christian Gathering Church (ECG) leader based in South Africa jetted into Nairobi, Kenya on Tuesday for a three day crusade labelled ‘Prophetic Angelic Visitation’ at Kasarani Indoor Arena.

According to the ministry, the visit, which is part of Prophet Bashiri’s ongoing global tour, is his way of fulfilling his 2018 goal of wining 2 million souls to Jesus Christ.

The crusade has been graced by well known church leaders Prophet Brian Kagyezi, the founder and vision bearer of Pneuma Word Ministries International and Bishop Franklin Mondo Mugisha of Empowerment Christian Prayer Center International.

Prophet Bashiri said his visit to Kenya, was a revelation from God.

“When I met you, my life changed,” Bishop Franklin Mondo Mugisha told Prophet Bashiri on arrival at Kasarani Indoor Arena on Wednesday.

Bishop Franklin in tears and before the large crown told Prophet Bashiri “you were born for me.”

“I’m sorry to cry – Thank you for accepting the call of God on your life. Thank you for loving us. Thank you for not giving up. Thank you for preaching everyday. Thank you for flying nation to nation,” Franklin said.

He added, “Sometimes you see people gathered everywhere you go, it means there is hope you bring to us. There is a way you explain to us the word of God, and the God you carry – that is why we call him the God of Major 1. We found peace, we found something in you.”


Prophet Brian Kagyezi, the founder and vision bearer of Pneuma Word Ministries International for ‘Prophetic Angelic Visitation’ crusade at Kasarani Indoor Arena – Kenya. Courtesy photo.

Despite the warm reception in Kenya, local media while announcing the crusade labelled the South Africa-based Malawian prophet a controversial church leader. This prompted Bashiri to testify as he delivered his sermon saying despite what was reported, “many have turned up for the crusades.”

“Prophecy brings change. It takes the pathetic away! God uses prophets to move things around in our lives. Hidden curses, secret covenants, deep pain and even cancerous afflictions are brought to the fore so that situations to be rectified,” he told the congregation on Thursday.

“The Lord, Himself, does this to bring comfort to the church. He edifies His children in order to draw them to Himself. Details and information that is otherwise unknown to ordinary men and women is brought to our attention in order to demonstrate the power of God,” he continued.

“Prophets are on the five fold ministries that God ordained before time began. Thus, the prophetic is nothing new. Jesus was born by prophecy. He died by prophecy and even the Bible itself was written through prophecy,” Bushiri said.

Two weeks ago, reports claimed that Bushiri is apparently making so much money from his churches in South Africa that he’s able to send R15 million a month back to Malawi.

Speaking on SABC News, Prophet Bushiri disputed it all, adding that he only became aware of the allegations from reports while in the USA.

“When you’re on top you become a topic,” he said. “There’s no person on earth who paid money to see me.”

On Miracles, Bushiri said it’s Jesus performing the miracles and he’s just the middleman.
“I’m not the healer; Jesus does … If those miracles are fake then let’s say we are attacking what Jesus Christ does, not only in my church; let’s say in every church Jesus Christ heals,” he said.

“I’ve never been officially told by the Hawks or police that I am being investigated … I’ve been in the country for four years and never been approached by law enforcement.” he added.

From Kenya, Prophet Bushiri will move to India, and then Australia.

By UG Christian News Correspondent.

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