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Ugandan Pastor witnesses to hundreds of Muslims in Nairobi

Pastor Stephen Waiswa of Bible Evangelism Ministries shares the gosple

Pastor Stephen Waiswa of Bible Evangelism Ministries shared the message of Jesus Christ with hundreds of Muslims who gathered in streets around Garissa Lodge in Nairobi’s Eastleigh district during his visit to the East African nation last week.

The pastor, who left together with ex-Muslim turned evangelist Umar Mustafah Nyanzi was hosted by Mwalimu Chaka Wamusa, an ex-Muslim too.

For three days, the trio, with others, witnessed to Muslims during a friendly Christian- Muslim dialogue on theological matters.

The group took to social media during the event to call Christians to pray for their protection from God “as we open up Muslims eyes.”

Islam is the religion of approximately 11.1 percent of the Kenyan population (approximately 4.3 million people). The Kenyan coast is mostly populated by Muslims, and vast majority in this nation follow the Sunni Islam of Shafi school of jurisprudence.


Muslims gathered in streets around Garissa Lodge in Nairobi’s Eastleigh district listen to Pastor Stephen Waiswa and Evangelist Umar Mustafah Nyanzi.

During his interaction with Mwalimu Chaka Wamusa on why the Church needs to reach out to Muslims, Evangelist Umar Mustafah Nyanzi said when Muslims are hidden away from Christ, they are hidden away from life.

Mwalimu Chaka Wamusa said it is shocking that some Christians actually don’t believe that Muslims can be Born again and come to Jesus.

In Uganda we have Christian apologists who are able to stand on all platforms and challenge any Muslim at all levels and we have done that in my parts of our country, Evangelist Umar Mustafah Nyanzi says.

“When I converted from Islam to Christianity, my pastor Umar Mulinde taught me that eternal life and perfect freedom is in the knowledge of God and encouraged me to attend Church fellowship everyday that I may know God better for a perfect freedom from the bondage of Islam,”

“He taught me that the God of the Bible I have believed wants His people to know Him. Colossians 1:10 encourages to increase in the knowledge of God and Hosea 6:6 reveals how precious the knowledge of God is! I continued to know God and now that is the freedom i am walking in,”

“I remembered that in Islam my leaders never encouraged me at all to know Allah but only to know the religious practices of Islam not even the Quran ever taught me that Allah wants people to know him,” Evangelist Umar Mustafah Nyanzi says.

Umar Mustafah Nyanzi says for the years he has been in Christ Jesus the Lord and Savior, he can now testify with a lot of boldness and confidence that the descriptions of the Muslim Isaiah don’t in anyway match our personal savior Christ Jesus.


L-R: Mwalimu Chaka Wamusa, Evangelist Umar Mustafah Nyanzi and Pastor Stephen Waiswa

Back in time, Muslims started a dialogue on Sanyuka TV (an Islam based station) inviting professional sheikhs from the Uganda Muslim Dawa Association.

Evangelist Umar Mustafah Nyanzi says the only mistake they made was to invite him.

“The program was started on 1/01/2017 and only six months were enough for Muslim leaders from all over Uganda to lament and force the program to be stopped,” he says, attributing the matter to wisdom with which he challenged the Islamic faith.

“Kampala is on fire for Jesus. We have religious dialogues here in Kampala everyday opening and reading the two books ie. Bible and Quran. Most importantly 90% of the Christian apologists are former Muslims who expose all that they learnt about Allah, Muhammad and their religion of Islam.”

“It has been made clear here in Kampala that Allah of the Quran is NOT the God of the Bible and JESUS CHRIST is not the prophet Isa of Islam! All the Muslim apologists in Uganda have totally feared to face Christian apologists in debates,” Nyanzi says.

Video: Proceedings at the gospel event.

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