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Ugandan gospel artists trigger a wave of spiritual awakening in Burundi

Gospel artist , Rad Ney [Fore Front] ministers along side Paul Serah [In blue gean] during Pamoja Festival in Burundi . Courtesy Photo.

Ugandan gospel artists have joined hundreds of Christians in Burundi who are calling for unity and petitioning God to bring revival to their nation which has battled tribal conflicts for over 12 years starting 1993.

The aim of this 30th July gathering that brought together Christians and non-Christians alike of various ages and ethnicities was to encourage unity among citizens and express joy and love that comes with music.

Pamoja Festival brought together not only Ugandan Ministers, but many more from counties, Kenya and Zambia. Mr Jeff, the vision bearer of Pamoja festival said this idea was generated from a need to bring the Gospel music industry on one platform and also enhance unity among the Burundian community.

The turn up was overwhelming, majority youth. 20-year-old fast rising gospel minister, Rad Ney on return to Uganda told this website that “People have been broken down and hurt and, that explains why 80% of the music done in Burundi is worship.”

“People are emotionally broken and they need a therapy which is found in music and in this case, worship.” He added.

Rad Ney ministered in several songs that include his latest single, ‘Let it out’. The dress code for all participants was white. In the end, the Holy Spirit moved in a mighty way as pleas for revival were lifted up.

“Every chance I get to go out and minister to the people from another race, I think to myself; how did I get here and why did God choose this platform specifically. The need for Christians here is vital, to repent on behalf of the country and encourage people that even amidst war, God still reigns and cares for Burindi.” Rod Ney further explained.

He was joined by Holy Keane, who before landing in Burundi told this website that, “since they have been through wars and many have lost relatives in the process, they get along with my testimony knowing that God has something for them in the future.”

Others seen included JK Shine, DJ Perus, popular presenter and dancer, Paul Selah among others.


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