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Uganda will know peace if the Church truly turns to God, says Pastor

Francis H. Kwezi

OPINIONBy Pastor Francis Kwezi

People are saying, “Let’s pray for Uganda”

I have always warned my fellow ministers and shared the same message on new year. Prophesying prosperity has become the order of the day. Hypocrisy in the church of Christ must end and the gospel be preached in its entirety.

Stop faking revivals, stop faking crusades, stop faking worshipping. We have learned to fake revivals to attract people and make money out of them! Crusades have become a matter of entertainment! Sunday services are nothing but showing off who is who and a way of emptying the innocents of their wealth!

The Lord once said, “when I kept silent, you thought we were of equal”. Let’s now dance to the music we have played. I say.

If you don’t like what you see and hear, change the album. It’s that simple! Nothing will help our country till the mocking of God stops. Where is the gospel we preached in the 80s? The gospel of holiness and righteousness! The gospel that changed killers to good citizens! The gospel that made people stop lying to each other, and live in harmony!

Mama Mary Nyerere of Tanzania once shared with me, and I was shocked to what the poor lady narrated. When she had a conversation with our president, his Excellence Y Kaguta Museveni, she expressed pride over the prayer movement in Uganda, when the president replied, “our people don’t pray as they used to in the 80s!”

Even the president knows, there is Comedy all over! I call the church to return to God with their heart not lips. I say again, if you don’t like what you see or hear, change the album.

No peace for Uganda, until the church truly turn to God. No peace for our country, where greed and materialism is the gospel of salvation.  No peace, no peace, no peace when sin is at the heart of the church. From manipulation, lies, false witness, adultery, homosexuality, materialism, hypocrisy, and all works of flesh. No peace.

If it’s true, “Righteousness exalts a nation” then sin abase a nation. We should stop blaming politicians, police and all government agencies. Look at the church. Church faking kidnappings! That is how low we have gotten.

We have the keys but due to hypocrisy, we have denied many to heaven and opened gates of hell to our own. You can pray all you want, if your life is not parted from sin, it’s a waste of time and energy.

I have heard a voice, “even when you pray, and spread your hands to the heavens, I will not hear”. Repentance is the way to go. Repentance and turning completely from the old ways, is the way to go.

If we are not at peace with God, let’s not expect His protection. We must be in agreement, Amos 3:3, Jesus has commanded (Matthew 5:48) to be perfect and He will not change His mind. We only can see God if our hearts are pure (Matthew 5:8).

No fruits worthy of repentance, no peace period. Lets turn to God with all our hearts then pray for His mercies.

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