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Uganda unstable without God, urges Museveni

Uganda’s long-time President Yoweri K. Museveni. PPU Photo.

President Museveni has said the prevailing peace and stability in the country is something every Ugandan should thank God for in order “to avoid repeat of what happened in the past governments.”

The President made these remarks during the Golden Jubilee celebration of Jinja Diocese at St. Joseph Cathedral in Jinja over the weekend.

Christianity is the most widely practiced faith system in Uganda. To date, around 84.5% of the population practices one of several Christian denominations.

President Museveni said union of these faith groups through the established Inter- Religious Council has fostered harmonious coexistence.

“You now have believers of different religious denominations coming together to functions like this one,” he said.

“I thank all religious bodies for the establishment of Inter- Religious Council which has created unity among all religions. I can see now Muslims attending functions for Catholics and Protestants. Unlike before, I’m seeing now Jinja mayor Mr Majidu Batambuze is a Muslim but he is here; an indication of freedom of worship in the country,” Mr Museveni said.

“I know very well the history of these dioceses especially that of Kampala and Jinja because I was there. I was in senior six at Ntare SS. Most of you are studying them as history but I thank God, I was there and I still remember the situation because our country was in trouble during that time in our before the coming of these dioceses.” he said.

In Museveni’s additional remarks issued by the State, he urged Christians to embrace commercial agriculture saying this will greatly enhance their income, and “managing your family needs, you will be able to contribute generously to other causes like the church,” he said.

“If each family in Jinja Diocese could contribute one million shillings, enough funds would be raised for the church projects. Each family would be wealthy, the church would be provided for and the government would also benefit,” he said.

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