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Uganda needs a Spirit-filled army chief, police boss – Pastor

PHOTO | Truth Embassy Church – Mukono.

By Our Reporter.

MUKONO – The founder and lead Pastor of Truth Embassy Church in Kyebonere village in Nakisunga – Mukono district, Mukisa Kayemba Fred has said Ugandans should not blame the President for the persistent wave of murder and corruption in the country,  but should rise up and ensure that a Christian army chief and police boss are instituted in the national security organs.

“And when I say Christians, I don’t mean mere church goers! I mean men conscious of the word of God as they do their duties. Men with a true relationship with God personally,” he said.

“I have heard about bad legislative rules passed on the floor of parliament. Why? Because sons of the light are not in the parliament. They are only in the church praying without standing up to direct the nation. Christ didn’t only talk about spiritual things. He also addressed financial things, things in courtrooms. Wake up church,” he said.

Truth embassy Church began in 2013, January 31st as a prayer fellowship in the house of Pr. Mukisa Fred’s Mother. In a space of three years until the launching time of the ministry, on 31st January 2016, the Pastor says he had managed to win about 30 people to Christ, who came because of the stories of what God was doing.

He believes the best leaders are “God’s children, washed with the blood of Jesus Christ.”

“Wake up church, provide Uganda and Africa with God fearing, Spirit-filled presidents. Gone are the days when we are going to keep quiet. If all preachers are going to keep silent, I won’t be one of them. Nothing will stop me from addressing the political situation in Uganda and Africa my motherland,” he said.

“Today I’m continuing to deal with the great lie, that is, that Christians must stay out of politics. Because it is a dirty game. Well, if all leadership comes from God, as we read it in the word of God, then politics is a Holy game not dirty because God is not dirty.  You will come to realise that from long ago, God fearing people have been neutralising a lot of evil,” he explained, citing Esther 2:19-8:10 and Daniel 3.

“Don’t begin to blame the king in charge for those who are assassinated. The dirty guys, hungry for blood are the ones you have allowed to surround the king on your nation’s top seat. They are only dealt with by those who care about holiness. But where are they? They don’t think christians should be in police, yet they blame police for being corrupt. They don’t want to be in the army, yet they blame the army for being brutal. Awake church, wake up and take up the leadership of this nation. Uganda needs Christian Army chief, Christians police bosses,” Pr Kayemba added.

The Pastor said soon the nation will hear of worse laws passed by democracy because “the majority in the parliament care nothing about God and his word and the few who claim to be Christians know nothing about what the word of God says.”

“Daniel dealt with these wicked rules from inside not outside. I trust that God answers prayers. That’s faith. But prayers prayed from inside the parliament, inside the house of legislation is the best wisdom. Who are the advisers of the president? Men that know only about Napoleon and Socrates. Men who only understand the pay check, but where are the God fearing? Where are presidential advisers that study the word for truth and not seeking bread? The few who have gained access to the president are only seeking Television channels and driving Harmers as gifts for telling the president, “Long live Igwe,”” he said.

Adding: “Learn from Daniel, and his friends. The solution is taking up the leadership of this country not pointless arguments and criticism. Go up there and do it, praying alone won’t solve anything. If you don’t, then the dirty guys will continue to make politics a dirty game.”

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