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UCU’s first Vice Chancellor delivers powerful speech at public lecture

Rev Prof Stephen Noll. PHOTO | UCU.

By Our Reporter

First Vice Chancellor of Uganda Christian University (UCU) Rev Prof Stephen Noll, brought the institution’s public Lecture organised Wednesday at Sheraton Hotel, Kampala to a climax with a riveting speech, urging that the only way to combat the narrative of secularism in Uganda is to go back to the Bible.

The Public lecture graced by Archbishop Stanley Ntagali, former Minister of Ethics and Integrity, Hon. James Nsaba Buturo, among others was organised under the theme ‘Secularism on the March: The Abolition of Marriage and Family.’

In his address, Prof Stephen Noll noted that Uganda’s young generation is in danger as the promoters of secularism; pedophile, sex trafficking are on the increase.

“What God has put together, secularism has put asunder,” the Professor claimed.

He explained that in the New Testament period, marriage was known as monogamous and life-long, “divorce and polygamy died out in the early church,” he said.

The Professor noted that Uganda should uphold reproduction, urging that family planning does not mean family extinction.

“There are children that never see the light of day because of abortions,” Prof Stephen Noll said.

“We will work together will others to overcome same sex marriage,” he said, revealing further that Genesis 6 and 7 highlights man’s pervasion of God’s plan on marriage.

Prof Stephen Noll said university education should not only give you a profession, but should ground men and women in universal truth and, “that truth is only found in the Word of God.”

Mr Patrick Turinawe from UCU’S Alumni class of 2012 explained that this year’s theme is a testament to the Institution’s continued commitment to upholding and promoting Christian family values which he said remains a core aspect of building a society and n nation that honours God.

“UCU annually provides a platform for the academic, researchers and the general public to discuss issues pertinent to our society,”

The guest of honor was Justice Lillian Tibatemwa Ekirikubinza and the discussants included Rev. Prof. Sam Luboga.

“Without God, everything is quicksand,” Rev. Prof. Samuel Luboga said while responding to Rev. Prof. Stephen Noll’s address.

About Rev. Prof. Stephen Noll.

After returning to the United States in 2010, Rev. Noll was appointed Chairman of the “Task Force on Marriage, the Family and the Single Life” of the Anglican Church in North America. His church strongly opposed the 2015 United States Supreme Court when it imposed same-sex marriage on all the States.

He also has been a leader at the Global Anglican Future Conferences over the past decade. The “Gafcon” movement has opposed the same secularizing trends in the worldwide Anglican Communion. Last June, 2,000 Anglicans, including all the Ugandan bishops and their wives, met in Jerusalem and stated: “For some time our Communion has been under threat from leaders who deny the Lordship of Christ and the authority of Scripture.”

Prof. Noll will be accompanied by his wife Peggy, who served with him in Mukono from 2000-2010. He will be the Guest of Honor at the UCU Graduation on Friday, 26 October. The Nolls reside in Pennsylvania, USA.

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