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Trump hailed for bringing prayer back to the USA White House

TOPSHOT – Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump (R) and running mate Mike Pence bow their heads in prayer during the Midwest Vision and Values Pastors and Leadership Conference at the New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights, Ohio on September 21, 2016. / AFP / MANDEL NGAN (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Pentecostal televangelist, Paula White Cain, spiritual adviser to Donald Trump, has praised the USA president for bringing “prayer back in the White House.”

Speaking in an interview with “Fox & Friends” on the Fox News Channel recently, the senior pastor of New Destiny Christian Center in Florida stated: “He’s a man of faith, he is a believer. He’s spiritual. I’ve known him for over 17 years.”

Prayer aside, Paula White was also quick to hail Trump for putting Christ back in Christmas. This came following Trump’s  official Christmas card late last year which said, “Merry Christmas,” and a Happy New Year” instead of the more generic salutation of “happy holidays.”

White said that for Trump, Christmas is a “very personal day” because his faith is “such an important part of his life.”

“It guides him, it leads him, and one of the things that I love about President Trump is that he is not afraid to take those steps that might be unpopular with other people,” she said.

“What makes America great is that we were founded on a Judeo-Christian nation. That’s very important for us to understand. He understands it. It is personal to him. Our country, though it is not a theocracy, you will not understand democracy if you don’t understand the biblical foundations and traditions and foundation of Christianity and of our faith.” she said.

Top Christian media outlets in USA reported last year that weekly Bible study classes are being held at the White House, and some Trump administration officials — including Vice President Pence, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos — join when they are in town, according to a story on the Christian Broadcasting Network.

Paula White, made headlines in August after stating that Trump has been “authentically” “raised up” by God and declaring that any opposition to the presidency is opposition to God.

“Whether people like him or not, he’s been raised up by God because God says that He raises up and places all people in places of authority,” she said. “It is God that raises up a king, it is God that sets one down and so when you fight against the plan of God, you’re fighting against the hand of God.”

She continued, “Principalities cannot control this man because he surrounds himself with Christians, he is a Christian, he is a Christian. He loves prayer…he is fierce, he has a fortitude, he has an inner strength. But no man could withstand in the natural this kind of pressure.”

Thus, all Christians have an obligation to pray for Trump whether they like him or not.

“You can’t stand in God’s word and not be responsible to pray for those who are in positions of authority,” White said. “It is our God-given mandate, our responsibility. You’ve got to pray the will of God to be done for him and through him.”

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