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There shouldn’t be room for confusion in Churches, Pr Kayanja says

Channel 44 TV founder, Pastor Robert Kayanja says in many ways, Churches today are like the traders in the temple whose tables Jesus overturned.

He adds that the sanctuary [Body of Christ] has fallen far short of God’s purpose for it, and that things Churches do to oneself are hurting the cause of Christ.

“Instead of telling people to fast, pray and wait upon the Lord and the Holy Spirit for answers, we tell them that the only way to solve their problems is to sow this or the other kind of seed which might not necessarily be true. As a result many people have been frustrated,” he says.

These remarks are contained in his Seventh book on the Holy Spirit that was released last month, April 2018.

Pr Kayanja says there is a growing tendency for people to worship the items through which the Holy Spirit has manifested instead of the Holy Spirit Himself.

He illustrates this with examples such as oil, water, pieces of cloth and the messengers [preachers].

“The Holy Spirit should not be replaced with any items or articles. He should remain in His place. The sanctuary as it is today still needs the Holy Spirit to come in and drive out the things that are not of Him, overturn tables and leave only one table; the one at which Jesus and the apostles reclined to share the last supper. God’s passion is to find someone who can cause His promises to come to pass so that the world may know that God is not a liar,” The team leader at Miracle Centre Cathedral – Rubaga says.

There is a shift in paradigms, according to Pr Kayanja.

He says that while in the Old Testament, people “used to wear God” and go out in His name, today, He wants to come and “wear us and go out with us.”

“That is why the Bible calls us the temple of God, meaning we carry Him wherever He wants to go. We need to allow Him to work on us because when He is done with us, we will be brand new.  God is determined to put on that person who decides to make sure His promises come to pass. The promise of the Father is the Holy Spirit. As people begin to see what God is doing, they are willing to come and be a part of it,” he says.

“Ministries that are committed to doing what the heavenly Father tells them to do rarely struggle financially. The blessing and grace they operate under is immeasurable. Many of those who struggle in life do so because they have not come to the realization that they are here to fulfill the promises of the Father,” he continues.

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