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One of the individuals, Sunil Sachdeva, an orthodontist who ran a practice with his wife told the BBC he could not return to work at the WestGate Mall. With the painful unexplainable memory of the events that occurred when the mall was attacked by the al-Shabab , the best he can compare the mall to is a graveyard . This comes in after Nairobi’s governor confirmed the reopening of the mall saying, “Westgate is back”

It has been exactly 22 months and this reopening comes a week before US President Barack Obama visits Nairobi. From what was witnessed then, Somali Islamist group al-Shabab said it carried out the attack in response to Kenya’s military operations in Somalia.
Parts of the mall were badly damaged by fire and the whole incidence resulted in the death of at least 67 people, including four attackers, with 175 non-fatal injuries. Three floors of the mall eventually collapsed.

Beginning a new life is what we call this. For some one that may not know, The luxury shopping center was popular with Kenya’s new consumer class, as well as foreign officials and expatriates, The mall is now is set to reopen on 18 July 2015, after refurbishments that had been taking place over the previous two years are set to be completed.

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