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The wave of collabos between church and club artistes: Is it right?

A lot of people in Church have criticized Gospel musicians for collaborating with secular artists, quoting verses from the bible that tell Christians not to sit in the counsel of sinners or to be unequally yoked with unbelievers.

With equal magnitude, non Christians have complained about the hypocrisy of having someone who was twerking in the club last night come in and lead Church music in the morning.

Others believe everyone is the same in the eyes of God and being a secular act does not stop one from singing a gospel song. In this, they have argued that the features are a form of evangelism and that Christians should not consider themselves high and mighty or too perfect to commune with sinners since Jesus himself was known to associate with them even though they were looked down upon.

Thousands of conversations and opinions have been shared but we still have no definitive answer. In Uganda, there are a few Gospel artists who have taken the bold step and decided to make music with mainstream artists.

This contention prompted NTV’s GXP show host, Carol Flower to table the controversial topic on Sunday, seeking answers from both viewers and social media users.

Brian Lubega weighs in

Pastor and worship leader, Brian Lubega was quick to take sides on the matter, noting that a lost soul can’t win a lost soul.

“I don’t think it’s right to collaborate,” Brian Lubega said.

According to him, Gospel music is not just good music but Good news.

“How can someone preach good news when it’s not in him,” Lubega wondered. “Before Jesus sent the Fishermen, he first made them Fishers of men. If they’re willing to be made. Then they can be sent.”

“Before they desire to do collaborations they have to first desire after God. Jesus says that you can’t do anything without me. So even [with] the ability to sing that doesn’t qualify one to minister. God is not looking for those who can do for him things but those who became more like him,” he said.

Adding: “Great worship songs come from the Lord and they are for the Lord. My question is who is the secular artist worshiping when you do a song together [with a gospel artiste]. Me I would not collaborate with someone on a Gospel song. I can eat with a secular artists, share the gospel to them ,but I can’t witness with them. Because music is my tool of witnessing I can’t mix seed.”

He said that it is a found soul that can win the lost soul, expressing disbelief in a collaboration being the platform to win a soul. “How can the lost and found preach the same message,” Brian Lubega said.

Kaweesa Phila weighs in

Fellow gospel musician Kaweesa Phila, didn’t quite agree with Pr Brian Lubega’s submission wholly, asking that what “if a secular artist has gotten a heart of God like Cornelius had in the book of Acts 10.”

“Cornelius wasn’t born again yet he had a heart of charity that pleased God. In that way, God sent peter to show him the true doctrine of salvation. There secular artists that sing sense and have a heart for God, and may, through a collabo drawn to salvation,” Kaweesa said.

“I think its key to know what your mission is – I agree with pastor Brian, but then we should not rule out any other possibilities that the spirit of God could draw on line,” he added.

Regarding Brian Lubega’s submission again, some viewers pointed out Pr Wilson Bugembe as a case in point, saying he “has done it very well.”

I think Brian is very judgmental, (a one) Patrick Idringi Salvado said.

“Music is a language, a form of communication, it’s not necessarily Praise or Worship or preaching; two or three people can converse in a song! I have listened to collabos of Pr. Wilson Bugembe with Hon. Bobi Wine, Ziza Bafana, and lately with Radio (RIP), and in all cases you just hear him having casual conversations with these guys, asking them questions like ‘olokoka di?’ ‘Ojja ko di Mukanisa?'” Another viewer said.

“Probably Wilson is doing a great work. It’s good to find this one sheep and live the 99 but what if this one soul is hooking the 99, and making the 99 to go mainstream. At least I have seen pastor Wilson wins many,” Brian Lubega reacted. “It’s like two kingdom plundering in the morning and dividing the spoils in the evening, my question is will any of these kingdoms stand when they’re divided? God is not looking for those who can sing for him, is looking for those who can worship him.”

“My only problem is that gospel artists also idolize them. They dance to their tunes – Even those who are claiming God sent them to their world, they want to act like them, hang , drink , keep up appearances so the craziness of fame grabs them captive,” one viewer said. “Gospel artists you are preachers but you think you are just musicians – You need to lay down everything, allow God to kill everything that’s not of Him then we will see God reach the unreached in all corners you will never even imagine.

Another added: “Well, collaborating with a secular artist requires a lot of spiritual guidance and discerning, otherwise you can be easily taken up by the worldly measures. Singing together can be okay, but where will you be performing the song? Is it the secular artist who will be coming to church or it will be the gospel artist frequenting the bars?”

Sseku Martin weighs in

Romans 8:6 on wards says much about walking in the spirit, it comes down to the lead of the Holy spirit, as music ministers there are principles outlined helping us to focus and to depend on a guidance of the Holy spirit. He says they that are led by His spirit will be called sons of God, meaning that before you even think of reaching out to these grounds, whether secular or evangelism, you have to connect your self to a higher power, less your mind is carnally driven thus becoming a prey. Jesus him self cautioned His disciples not to move out unless they are filled with Holy Spirit.

These grounds are not easy as they sound, let those that are under this conviction understand their level of operation and purpose and which Spirit is driving them, otherwise as humans in our strength, it is impossible to with stand these forces and not to compromise our posts as children of light.

Jesus’ ministry was impactful, casting demons, healing sorts of diseases. The gospel, let it be music or oral spoken, should be followed with signs and wonders, if any artists is under this operation glory to God, but if the involvement is not fruitful, then there is an issues that should be addressed and I am sorry these issues are rather spiritual rather carnal.

Exodus weighs in

When it comes to the Gospel, the bible is clear go ye into the whole word! God is very specific and all knowing, they that are led to the “unworthy” are led by the spirit.

Otherwise our Lord Jesus Christ the savior of every messed up life wouldn’t dine with Zacchaeus knowing the character he was, he would have met the prostitute at the well, he wouldn’t have helped the man with the legion of demons, he wouldn’t have said cast ye the first stone if you’ve sinned not, he wouldn’t have said painfully hanging on the cross “father forgive them for they know not what they do” very significant he wouldn’t have turned back to Peter who denied him 3 times in public.

Loves turns people around not condemnation. We stand at the entrance blocking them that would come in simply by discrimination. We are a different species battling for souls in the same battle ground! As a minister you have to be well equipped and not be led by doctrine.

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