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The Christmas story isn’t a myth – Pr Kasirivu

Pastor Peter Kasirivu.

Speaking to hundred of believers at Gaba Community Church on Monday, Pastor Peter Kasirivu said to live a christian life, one needs to realize that they have to believe in the impossible.

He also used the sermon title; The four miracles surrounding the birth of the Lord, Jesus Christ, to emphasize the need for Ugandans to acknowledge that the Christmas story isn’t a myth.

“Many times as we are growing up we think it is a myth. The story surrounding the birth of Jesus is true,” he said.

“It happened in History and Mary was there. She was a teenager – within marriageable age and she had a visitation from the angle. And I believe that if you were in her shoes at this time, you would just wonder why God would chose you among many,” he added.

Pastor Peter Kasirivu said the world has advanced in technology, registering several milestone achievement in several aspects of life – including getting a fertilized egg into someone’s womb, and later a baby being born.

“Nevertheless, when you look at it, there is no child that can be born without a man and woman coming together, but the bible, the virgin birth is there – that is a miracle,” he said.

“The miracle was; ‘The Holy Spirit will come on you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you, and a baby will be born.’ The birth of Jesus is the only historic event where a woman conceived without the help of a man,” he continued, quoting Luke 1:35.

“The Holy spirit came and empowered this girl. Christmas reminds us that we have a God, who is of the supernatural. On this 25th Day of 2017, I want you to be reminded that your God specializes in the impossible,” he added.

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