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The child you’re carrying is never a mistake, says gospel rapper and mom, Race T

Gospel rapper and mom, Race T opens up to women considering abortion. Courtesy photo.

Having an unintended pregnancy is very common, and many people decide to have an abortion. Every woman’s situation is different, and abortions are sought for many reasons.

Unexpected inconvenience, unforeseen responsibilities – these are just a few of many issues raised.

Although the act is seen like a quick and easy solution to the problem of an unplanned pregnancy, Gospel rapper and mom, Race T says children are never a mistake.

“I personally went through the same experience of getting pregnant before marriage but know that the child your carrying is never a mistake,” Race T  said,  during a chat with UG Christian News about Mother’s Day 2018.

“God knew us before we were born and you aborting is a wrong thing to do. Many look for babies but fail. Keep your baby no matter what the world has to say,” she adds.

Race T believes motherhood is the best experience any woman can go through if you accept it.

“Being a mum is best thing that has ever happened to me, and transition is the most life changing experience. You  get to see that your mum was always right when she disciplined you,” she says.

Race T – better known as ‘Rap Mama’ says much as knowing that you are bringing life in this world that you are responsible for is a bit scaring, because you don’t know if you are doing the right thing, trusting God is key.

“Watching my baby grown right from womb, every step he takes from sitting, smiling, crawling, laughing, calling me mama.. Inspires me a lot. It shows me that life is all about learning and not giving up. And I learn from my son as he takes each step and he never gives up. My son is the best joy ever and I won’t trust ask for anything more,” she says.

For whatever reason a women might feel a pregnancy is wrong,  Race T says God is well able to forgive.

“Trust yourself as mother, your instinct is always right, and always put God first and dedicate your child to God let him guide them in the right path,” she says.


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