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The Canaan Gents have some new music for you this Easter


Easter is a time to reflect on many aspects of our Christian walk, including Christ’s death and resurrection. What does this mean to me? Everything that I am today has and will always be about Jesus.

Getting to the point, Easter worship music has continually had several wonderful revolutions, with more and more artists revamping classic hymns and writing new contemporary music focused on this important season.

We have been researching to compile a new list of awesome Easter music and we’re super excited to share with you this new Easter special from the Canaan Gents.

Founded in 2010, the group is composed of five including: Lubwama Samuel , Tugume Mark , Nyombi Andrew , Sentongo Charles and Kawuki Isaac.

This song lends us to vocally powerful yet grateful worship and centers itself at the cross. We are reminded in the lyrics what He did for us and He is the only reason why we celebrate this Easter.

“Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.” John 2:19. Happy Easter #canaangenertation! A little something we put together to remind us of the Joy of Easter and the fact that without it, salvation would be meaningless. God Bless!,” they say.

Listen to ‘He Lives’ Here

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