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Tens of Thousands of Christians take over the streets of Mbarara to proclaim Jesus

Multitudes in Mbarara district participate in the ‘Jesus Match’ on 25 January 2018.

Tens of thousands of Pentecostal Christians in Mbarara – Western Uganda have in unity taken to the streets with songs of praise and thanks to hold a common celebration seen as a way of dedicating people’s lives to Christ and preaching the gospel across the entire district.

Many traveled from surrounding districts just to be a part of that celebration, to match in intercession, thank God and to celebrate His faithfulness.

Bishop Nathan Ibrahim Turyamureeba, the lead pastor of Daystar Cathedral Mbarara says the ‘Jesus March’ held 25 January 2018, is an event “uniting believers in the Kingdom mind.”

“I thank God for what He is doing in our time. Africa shall be saved,” he remarked.

“It was started by Daystar Cathedral and later embraced by all Pentecostal churches in Mbarara,”

The celebration was topped off by several renown preachers in the district including Akyiza Edson, Evangelist Chris Tusiime, Dr Joel Baziira, Pr Jimmy Henry and Pit Porter from USA, and endorsed by among others Pr Wilson Bugembe, Bishop Franklin Mondo Mugisha and Pr. Cindy Kiganda.

Bishop Nathan Ibrahim Turyamureeba, the lead pastor of Daystar Cathedral Mbarara (R) with Pr Jimmy Henry (M) and Pit Porter (L) from USA participate in the ‘Jesus Match.’

“It’s an event where we put aside the names of our churches, pastors and leaders and unite together under God’s Kingdom. Irrespective of denominations and following, we believe in the bible, our Lord God and his son Jesus Christ. So, we thought it important to always find time to worship and glorify our good Lord together and thus the birth of Jesus March,” Bishop Nathan, whose Cathedral has a sitting capacity of 10,000 worshippers recently remarked.

Adding: “We are guided by the Holy Spirit to organise this match so we can’t say it’s annual, [In 2017], before this march we announce fasting for 40 days so this march climaxes our fasting. That’s why it’s a more respected and holy event in the lives of Pentecostals here.”

Bishop Turyamureeba says the march from Daystar Cathedral Mbarara, goes through the streets , of Saveyo, Mile 2, Kisenyi, Kijungu, Kiswahili and Biafra, the suburbs which are said to be crime zones.

“Through this event many people have given their lives to Jesus, including sorcerers and those practicing witchcraft denouncing their evil ways,”

The celebration came following a Mega youth gala at the Church from 21-25 January, under the theme ‘Press on with Assurance.’ (1 Tim 4:12)

“This is undeniable that people all over are hungry and thirsty for God. This fire shall keep not only today but forever,” said Evangelist Chris Tusiime.

By Paul W Dennis.

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