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Susan Magara killers will not have peace, says Church

Requiem mass was held for the late Susan Magara, a cashier at Bwendero Dairy Farm (BDF) in Hoima district, who was found murdered after going missing for three weeks. Courtesy photo.

Mourners flocked Our Lady of Africa Church in Mbuya on Wednesday, where a requiem mass was held for the late Susan Magara, a cashier at Bwendero Dairy Farm (BDF) in Hoima district, who was found murdered after going missing for three weeks. She was 28.

Fr John Mungereza, who presided over mass, said life belongs to God, and no one has the right to take away the life of another.

“When I heard of [Susan’s death] yesterday, I was speechless,” he said.

“For those who have killed Suzan, they will be tormented all the time they will be in this world. You cannot do something like that and have peace in this life,” he continued.

Fr Mungereza used Luke 6:36 to urge believers to be merciful and forgiving.

He explained, “There is a systematic rejection of God in our world today. We have decided to go our own way. One of the reason we have rejected God is that the generation of today does not even know the commandments of God. And one of the commandments is that you shall not kill.”

The daughter of John Magara, the director of BDF, was last seen alive on February 7. She was found dead Tuesday morning at Kitiko, between Kigo and Kajjansi.

In his remarks during the requiem mass, Susan’s father narrated the entire ordeal and emphasized how the family did everything they could to rescue the late from her kidnappers.

Mr Magara also narrated how they faced difficult days since they started looking for her. He said that it gave them relief that the body was found, and “we wouldn’t be looking for her anymore.”

“On the second day, after Susan went missing, the kidnappers contacted my wife and told her they had Susan. Ten days before we found her body, they delivered two of her fingers and a video recording with a must watch message, ” Magara said.

Following reports, Police is offering a cash reward of sh100m to any person who can “positively” identify the speaker in the audio, information that is hoped to be a breathrough in the murder investigations.

The Head of State, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni today issued a statement saying, “as for the killers of Susan, we shall get them because there are clues they left behind. I will not allow anybody to interfere with the freedom of our young people.”

“The gaps we have been having in the towns have been lack of cameras and unregulated sale of mobile phone SIM cards to people without electronic identity cards. It is these gaps that we are in the process of closing. In the next few months, the cameras will be up in many areas,” Mr Museveni said.

“Furthermore, no mobile or fixed phone SIM cards should be given to anybody without the electronic identity card. We may require the sellers of mobile phone SIM cards to have electronic identity card readers so that we rule out the photocopying of genuine electronic ID cards,” he added.

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