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Stop describing Christianity as a type of religion, says Creflo Dollar

Televangelist Creflo Dollar. Courtesy Photo.

Lead Pastor of World Changers Church International, Dr. Creflo Dollar says many have gotten so far away from what Christianity is really about and have presented a picture of God that actually turns people away from wanting to know Him.

According to Creflo Dollar, because Christians refer to their faith as a type of ‘religion’ – a word he says connotes the ‘return of bondage’ – they are unable to realize the true benefits of the faith.

It is time for us to get back to the simplicity of the Gospel and share the truth about the love and grace of God with the world, the American televangelist says.

Pastor Creflo Dollar explains that Religion thrives on the concept of attaining right standing with God through our works while downplaying what Jesus has done for a believer.

For Creflo Dollar, Christians have an “anointing advantage”, “a Christ advantage and a grace advantage”.  He entreats Christians to understand the difference between religion and having a relationship with God adding that it is one of the sure ways of harnessing the true potential of faith.

“A concentration on religion has been responsible for death, destruction, and strife among people of all ethnicities and backgrounds. It is why denominations cannot get along, and it is what provokes extremists to carry out suicide missions in the name of God. Religion is the counterfeit of having a real relationship with the Lord.” He says.

“Now, more than ever before, people need to hear the truth about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a message of hope, not condemnation; liberty, not religious bondage; grace, not self-reliance,” he continues.

All this is contained in his sermon series: “I love God but I hate Religion”.

By Paul W. Dennis

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