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Start supporting gospel music, says Pr Kayanja

Pr Robert Kayanja. Courtesy photo.

By Our Reporter

KAMPALA – Pastor Robert Kayanja, the founder of Miracle Centre Cathedral – Rubaga and CEO of Christian television Channel 44 has urged Christians to start supporting gospel musicians.

He made this call during the Cooper and G-way charity concert on 9 February 2019. 

Pastor Kayanja explained that the gospel industry in Uganda will not “take off” until believers give up the mentality of simply seeking out free music albums and videos.

“It is us as believers to start supporting gospel music. If we don’t tell others about it, buy the DVDs or share the videos, gospel music will never take off,” he said.

“Nigeria is doing better, South Africa is doing great – so is Ghana and Kenya. Uganda, we are not yet good at all. Either we copy the music and just share things for free,” he explained.

“But you know, when someone blesses you, you aught to bless them,” he added.

Cooper and Gway sold their ‘One in a Milion’ album during the event, noting that proceeds will go towards their charity initiative aimed at improving the lively hood of needly families. 

Pastor Kayanja described Gway as a discipleship group that has mentored and groomed Christian ministers spread out in various churches today.

“Gway is not just a singing group, it really does a lot, more than just singing,” he said.

According to Channel 44, Cooper and Gway inspired by the plight of suffering children is currently a goodwill ambassador of Empowerment of Disadvantaged Youth & Children (EDYAC) an NGO that assists children with disabilities.

Once every year, there are the activities that are carried out as partnerships between Cooper & G-Way with EDYAC.

“There is a community in Mbale, remember Bududa is always getting land slide problems. As G-Way, they always get money and give it to those people. There are 3 things, faith hope and charity. But the greatest is Charity. Charity is love. Show love to somebody that is probably less privileged than you are – and God will bless you as well,” Pr Kayanja said.

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