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Sseku Martin: A gospel movie led him to Christ

Sseku Martin

Gospel Music has always been part of Sseku Martin.

In 1996, Martin accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Savior during a crusade at Disciples of Christ Church in Namungona, after watching movies of how Jesus was persecuted.

Two years later, the then 18-year-old kicked off a music journey that quickly captured the attention of a diverse audiences due to the uniqueness and fervency with which he shared the message of salvation.

At this point in her career, Martin has accumulated a great deal of perspective on his formative environment and familial ties, on paths taken, on priorities preserved.

He has remained devoted to gospel even though his stylistic adaptability brought him popularity well beyond the gospel world.

“Now I appreciate the time the Holy Spirit has invested in me, without such moments, it would be hard to appreciate God, I am glad to take people where I have been and were I am, be blessed,” Sseku Martin says.

Born on 22nd November 1980, Sseku Martin is one of Uganda’s legendary dance-hall, R&B and Ragga gospel musicians of all time. He came to the lime light in 2004 with the released ‘Kona’, an album that received warm reception on radios, and gravitated his ministry into various churches across the country.

“I have been singing for the last 20 years. I do not just sing but I minister through music. I preach, talk about evangelism, pray to people and talk to them about what was written in the Holy book,” he says.

Sseku Martin currently doubles as a music producer and founder of a charity project, Seku Martin Music Foundation that caters for abandoned kids. He is the vice president of the federation of Gospel artistes and one of the organizers of the VIGA awards.

Although he has a number of accolades to his same, Sseku Martin says he refuses awards to define his life.

“There is a level you reach and some things do not matter anymore. I cannot be under pressure because I am not nominated. My goal in the music industry is to minister the word of God

“As a minister and performer, you are able to tell whether people are drawn to God and are having the benefit of your ministry right on stage. God lifts people depending on the knowledge that they have of him.

“It is with what you have that He will be drawn to work through you. He asked Moses, “What do you have in your hands?” Moses responded saying that I have this rod. It is through my special skill of music that God is working to bless his people,” the father of two says.

Martin, who was off the scene the last couple of years, has recorded two recorded albums; ‘Dancing Dancing ’ which has 19 trucks and ‘Victory’ which has 15 trucks.

“I was off the scene then. I had started doing English songs targeting the international market and that is where all my focus was, but I realised that I needed a base back home. The challenge was that music keeps changing over time,” he says

The gospel star has two videos so far and plans on releasing five more. “I have nearly 100 tracks with nine albums and I can comfortably sing with my band like an international artiste,” he says.

The gospel legend is organising a concert on September 8 at Kampala Serena Hotel. Martin wants people to witness the difference in his music which is says has matured over the last 20 years and bears the fingerprints of a new generation.

“It is a rebirth of me, great works in experience after these years of hard work and patience,” he says.

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