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Sex is not a game to be played, Clergy call for Godly marriages

By Our Reporter

Archbishop Stanley Ntagali attended Uganda Christian University’s Public Lecture at Sheraton Hotel, Kampala where several Church leaders and individuals from various spheres of influence offered insights on how believers can continue upholding and promoting Christian family values which they say remains a core aspect of building a society and a nation that honours God.

Rev. Prof. Sam Luboga who was among the discussants pointed out that “secularism” has continued to escalate in the country because it promises fun without responsibility and accountability.

Although most marriages begin with cohabitation in Uganda today, the share of cohabitations ending in marriage has fallen according to media reports, and “serial cohabitation” (cohabiting with two or more different partners at different times over the course of several years) has become more widespread.

Rev. Prof. Sam Luboga described marriages in the country today as a ‘highway’ where people run away from responsibilities.

“With secularism, you are entitled to pleasure without responsibility,” he said.

Luboga continued: “Sex has become a commodity and marriage relationship is out of date.”

He strongly cautioned attendees at the Public Lecture saying the world has devalued sex and that without it, “two people in the same house are neighbours.”

“Never say play sex, sex is not a game to be played. People shouldn’t marry because of lust, they should marry fearfully and in obedience to God. Sex has a value beyond pleasure,” he said.

Luboga pointed out that loneliness is one of the fastest growing epidemics in the world and that foreign countries that have expressed need for friendship with Uganda should respect her choices and values.

In his submission, former Minister of Ethics and Integrity, Hon. James Nsaba Buturo asserted there is a serious battle for the control of the soul of Uganda – “the secularists and God fearing'”

Buturo said funders should stop facilitating African governments if their money comes with strings of supporting homosexuality

“Our nation is at crossroads, all believers should join hands to defend Uganda. I and fellow parliamentarians are planning for a national conference that will bring all the leaders together to set the pace for this nation and run with the vision. The foundations of this nation are being weakened daily and some in the church are compromising,” he said.

The Public lecture was additionally attended by among others Dr Lawry, the Director of APC, Retired Bishop Zac Niringiye and the first Vice Chancellor of Uganda Christian University (UCU) Rev Prof Stephen Noll.

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