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Woman who dragged Pastor Yiga to court over alleged child neglect has died


The Woman who dragged Pastor Yiga of Revival Church Kawala to court over alleged child neglect has on Thursday lost her battle to TB.

Brenda Nalubega, 27 has been reported dead by her relatives lead by one Mirembe Kansaze who was taking care of her at Mpererwe, in Uganda’s capital.

Speaking to journalists, Daniel Muwanguzi of Life Victory Church in Kanyanya says that news of Brenda’s death came their way at 4am in the morning, where after they informed pastor Yiga, but never got any feed back from him or support.

Nalubega’s family has expressed dissatisfaction saying that she died without support from the pastor as was required by the court.

She has left behind one son and will be buried on Saturday at Nganda in Butambala.

Brenda Nalubega made headlines last year when she dragged pastor Yiga to court saying that he raped and impregnated her.

After prayers and blessings at his Revival Christian Church in Kawala, a Kampala suburb, Ms Nalubega narrated that the pastor called her the following day for another prayer session in Bukoto, another Kampala surburb where the pastor instead of praying, he decided to rape her and she got pregnant.

“I have been hospitalized at Mulago for the last three months because I was infected with HIV but he has not been taking care of me,” she said.

Yiga through his lawyer, Faizal Muralila denied the accusation of failing to provide for the child. He displayed a payment schedule that his client has been making at Nabweru court as proof.

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