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Ruyonga says new album unveils something fresh God is doing

On Friday, the award winning Christian rapper known for his trademark beats, and unique tone officially releases his third album, ‘Voice of my father’.

You’ll hear a new sound, in part, because the rapper unveils the project after two solid years of cultivating a relationship with God and discerning the season. UG Christian News Correspondent, Karen Alecho recently talked with Ruyonga about the events that shaped his new project set to be uncovered at Garden City drive-in rooftop in Kampala.

The album came to the limelight on January 3rd, 2018 after its first single ‘Remnant Revolution on January 1st.

“The song talks about a new breed (of believers) – something fresh that the Lord is doing. We are in the last days, so this is definitely part of it. Remnant Revolution addresses the glory of the Church, how the children of God are going to be situated in positions of authority and influence in everything,” Ruyonga said.

‘Voice of my Father’ follows the past release of his Album Glory Fire. Though his previous projects had larger scopes and brought in a lot of narrative themes, references to Christianity have been prevalent in Ruyonga’s music.

He says he came to the album title ‘Voice of my father’ because, “I had gone away for two years because I felt a voice telling me to cultivate a relationship with God, be attentive and trust Him. Then suddenly, the day (season) came when I felt the voice again telling me, “it’s time to go.”

He added, “All resources have been availed out of no where, and I just knew it was the provision and hand of God. ‘Voice of my father’ felt a natural name for it. Additionally, I very openly view prophet Elvis Mbonye as my spiritual father.”

The album of 15 trucks was majorly produced by Ruyonga and Josh SB. Other production was handled by Wana Benjamin among others.

It features Nutty Neithan and Prophet Emmanuel, Sandra Suubi, Dave Jethro, Josh SB, Dorothy Ashaba, Tim and Tucker HD.

Ruyonga believes the opportune time has come for Christians to believe God for what is bigger, “because that is the grace available right now.”

“The things people are seeing happening are going to continue and it is the right time to position your self as a Christian. The live concert is an opportunity for people to see how other African Hip hop artists minister the gospel, not to forget their own walk. Artistic expression especially in gospel is a very unique way of passing on the message,” he said.

“People look to me highly especially in regard to Christian Hip hop and this is an opportunity to introduce them to other voices,” he added.

The 7:30pm concert tagged at 25,000/= for entry, will feature Courtney Antipas from Zimbabwe, Blaque Nubon from South Africa, David Kalilani from Malawi and Uganda’s Josh SB.

“We are going to do a lot of equipping for the body of Christ that loves hip hop, where it is not just entertainment, but we will pass on some scriptural truths including the fact that Jesus is back. And more that urging Christians to ignite their christian walk, emphasize the need for spiritual maturity in the body of Christ,” he said.

“As christian artists, christian entrepreneurs and others moving in the field of influence, you have to understand that we have an obligation to grow in our spiritual faith so that people can see the gospel. It’s not about excellence of speech but the power of God at works in your life,” he said.

Meanwhile, his upcoming continental tour is in conjunction with Fresh Impressions.

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