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Return to your prayer closets this new year, Christians told

Pr Edith Kamese.

The Lord is calling Christians back to prayer during this new year, a Pastor has said.

Ugandans welcomed 2018 in several different ways however, over the last couple of years many have adopted the habit of attending general overnights to offer thanksgiving, present their petition and new year resolutions before the lord.

The same happened in Ntinda, a suburb of Kampala where residents gathered at Praise Cathedral hours before midnight.

The co-pastor of the Church, Edith Kamese appealed to the congregation to return to their prayer closets this new year, adding that prayer is at the very heart of the Christian life.

She pointed out that as much as they are under the covering of the pastors who intercede on their behalf, it is equally important that they develop the practice for individual prayer.

She also encouraged those that had backslidden and lost the zeal for prayer, among other Christian practices, to return back to God for He is full of grace.

“2018, go back to your prayer closet. I can pray for you, but it is incumbent that you pray for yourself. If you can fight on your knees, there is nothing God cannot do. He can work miracles in your life,”  Pr Edith Kamese.

“It is important that in 2018 you present yourself as a living sacrifice to God,  so much to the extent that no matter what happens, you are not shaken. It is important that you remain focused. Present what belongs to you to God as an act of Worship,” she added.

In his remarks, the senior pastor of the Church, Dr Godfrey Kamese said 2018 is a year of Glory.

“It is your year to love again. It is a year of the lion of Judah. The lion of Judah is going to roar in you. 2018 is the year of submission to the will of God. We are going back into crusading, church planting and winning souls ,” he told the congregation.

Patrick Kimathi, also Pastor at the church, told the believers to purpose and read, listen to the Word of God in 2018.

The Pastors anointed the congregation soon after midnight, and urged them to take courage for, “the Lord has given you victory and will guide you through 2018.” Pr Edith said.

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