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‘Respond to Gashumba’s arrest with concern, prayer and warm outreach’

Frank Gashumba and his brother appearing before the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) on Tuesday evening. Courtesy Photo.

Social media critic and political commentator Frank Gashumba was on Monday night arrested and detained by operatives from the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) for allegedly “impersonating a defense ministry official and conning some foreigners.”

The operatives later on Tuesday invaded and searched his residence and offices of Sisimuka Uganda, where he [Gashumba] is team leader.  “We found some UPDF files and other documents of ministry of defence which we confiscated,” a source told one local news daily.

In the wake of this unpredicted event, both print and online media have continued to issue contentious statements amid ongoing investigations, to which readers have also reacted differently.

UG Christian News has learnt on Wednesday that this arrest has sparked religious altercations online, as those, at one point in time offended by Gashumba’s statements against some church leaders seem to celebrate his arrest saying; touch not the anointed of God.

Gashumba is one of many who came out and condemned among others Zoe fellowship leader, Elvis Mbonye when photos flooded social media of believers kissing his shoes as a sign of honor.

Gashumba said when believers go to their churches their brains freeze. “These commercial buildings sorry “churches” are full of falsehoods, doctored miracles, organised crime,” he lashed out.

He added: “Churches are full everyday Monday to Sunday but no serious innovation has ever come out of Africa. It’s only diseases, hunger, poverty etc that are on increase.”

Denis Tumuhaise, the author of gone-viral letter to the Prophet Elvis Mbonye that appeared on UG Christian News recently is among several Christians who have taken to social media to discourage the “mockery some Christians have raised.”

“Will Frank Gashumba get saved at this rate of mockery Christians have sprang his way since yesterday? Do we care if Sheila Gashumba ever gives her life to Christ after seeing how believers have bashed her father and insinuated that he got what he deserved?,” he wrote.

“We preach grace but don’t extend it, we preach mercy but are merciless and are quick to say “touch not the anointed”? We protect men but not people. Jesus doesn’t love Mr Gashumba anyless than your pastor or spiritual father, and the same blood died for him, died for you too, but we rejoice that he is going through plight, yet we are not sure of evidence or facts or the conspiracy? I personally may have issues with Mr Gashumbas approach and words in the past, but I would never wish him and his daughter any harm. And guess what am a sinner and not perfect,though constantly going through sanctification and purification,” he added.

Responding to the same controversy, Byamukama Joseph, a Master of Divinity Student at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary’s Hamilton Campus, in Massachusetts, U.S.A said Christians are obliged to be kind to Gashumba and sensitive to his family

“The church needs reformation.. We also must learn that disagreement with any man doesn’t always mean hatred. In whatever we do, we ought not to love evil and hate good, whether in the church or in the world, whether in the so-called man of God or heathen,” he stated.

(A one) Achire Andrew Emmanuel said: “I have friends in my circles who have totally refused to join church because of “Christian behavior.” These things are downright painful. Many times I think of how many are perishing because of us, it hurts.”

Quite different from most reactions, one social media user told Denis Tumuhaise: “How I wish you all were active when this Frank Gashumba was insulting a Man of God. How I wish you all were all about forgiveness and love. How I wish you tried to defend a servant of God at that point in time,”

“We are not happy [with what he] Is going through, we are just re-affirming the fact that you do not touch the anointed of God and get away with it. ..The good news is that all he needs to do is confess. We are unapologetic – if you love God you are a friend, if you hate God you are an enemy – We are not here to defend. We are here to confront. So do not stress us with your new found teachings on love and scripture – where was that love when he was the one insulting.”

Sheila Gashumba’s remarks on father’s passports with varrying names
“While I was young I was called Sheila carol Nyinabashumba, but when I joined TV, we realized that it was too long and I changed my name to Gashumba which is a family name,”

“My dad too had the name Franko Malingumu, but when Rwandese came here, they tried to get Ugandan names,” she said, quickly noting that they had an affidavit.

Alleged illicit drugs impounded
“In our family we don’t take drugs. In fact my dad has come out to advise people not to take drugs. Drugs are not good.”

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